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Lebenha Wyndral Background
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PostPosted: Fri Feb 08, 2013 5:24 pm    Post subject: Lebenha Wyndral Background Reply with quote

I hope this is the right place to put it.

I must say that I wrote this a long time ago, even before the new trilogy so the colour of the lightsaber was original at that time. I added the prayer of the lightsaber after seeing the Illum episode of the animation series clone wars, the first one who was aired at internet Wink

Hope you like it and please forget my grammar mistakes, I am not native Wink

Prelude: Beginings

Lebenha looked across the little window to the colors of the hyperspace, she took off her golden eyes a rebel piece of blond hair and, finally closed them. " I don't want to sleep" thought for herself. But her eyelids closed and her body relaxed as she became asleep, and then she started to dream, and to remember....

She was runnig throughout the village to her house, on the other side of the River, her mother was calling her, and she could feel the urgency of her call. At last she arrived, and she went directly to her mother's room. When finally entered the room, she saw her mother breathing hard, and she knew that the final was near.
" Lebenha, my dear daughter, come, before I go I must tell you something " Lebenha made an effort to don't break to cry and seat at her mother's side.
" shhh, don't speak mother, you are going to be well again, just rest and..."
" No! " interrupts her mother, and opened her eyes, even now her glance showed a great determination. " I must tell you what happened to your father" Lebenha hold her breath " My father... "
" Listen to me Lebenha, you know that your father was a great Jedi Knight, who came to this lost planet because I was pregnant of you, but your father didn't go away in a mission and died in a battle as I told you ... "
Her mother stopped abruptly, and the pain crossed her face again. When the pain decreased she start to speak again.
" ... No, your father came to this planet with me to fight a Sith who was enslaving the colonials, after a great fight your father defeated the him, but for a price: his life. With his last breath he made me promise that I would stay in this lone world of the Outer Rim to bring you to life, and stay here until you were adult and powerful to go out and fight the evil that was ruling the Galaxy..." the pain backed and Lebenha feared that her mother couldn't make it this time.
" no, not yet, I´m not ready.... " her voice became just a whisper and Lebenha had to approach to her.
" Lebenha, I trained you in the ways of the Jedi, and taught to you what little knowledge of the Force I could learn before leaving my training. You must go and end your training, but before you must go out and fight the evil your father spoke about,.."
" but Mother, the Sith Emperor is already dead and..."
" there is more evil in the Galaxy than the Emperor Lebenha, and must be defeated before it consumes all the Galaxy... must go to the Chu´unthor and end your training, but before.... before go to the Forgotten Caverns and find the place when your Father die...and find his lightsaber.... but be careful, that place is strong in the Dark Side...Lebenha you must promise me that you'll do it...Lebenha my child, promise it to me."
Lebenha started to cry " I do, mother "
Her mother finally relaxed and smiled " Don't cry baby you know that this will happen some day, that´s the order in the Force, remember that... I... I will always be.. be... with... with you"
Finally the pain went away of her mother’ss face and she closed her eyes forever. Lebenha took her hand and cried...

" The Forgotten Caverns at last, they look worse than I’ve imagined, I feel...cold, and angry " spoke Lebenha to no one. She didnn't want to enter but she had made a promise to her mother so she made some Jedi relaxation techniques and started to walk into the darkness. When she had just entered about ten meters a gust of wind came up for the cavern and she felt a tremendous angry and fear, suddenly she heard a cold voice coming of nowhere. " Who are you young Jedi, who dare to enter in my domain with the Light on her side ".
" I´m Lebenha Wyndral and I´ve come to honor my father " answered with a little point of fear in her voice.
There was no response of the wind, or the darkness, or whatever she heard, maybe she was becoming crazy. After a journey across the Mountains and struggle against the Morkums ( great carnivorous native of Pickardy, her homeplanet ), the rain, the wind and finally the snow she find perfectly normal that she had became mad. But she had the feeling that in the cave was more than ice and darkness, she could felt something evil in the air. Definitely she had a bad feeling about it. She continued walking helped by a glow rod over a great surface of ice, suddenly , the glow rod flew away for her hand, threw by an invisible force, and she was hurled up in the air, hitted at her back by a powerful strike out of nowhere, who made her fall and she started to slide in the ice, deeper, faster and faster in the darkness. She tried to control the fear who threatened to arise but the atmosphere itself seemed to try to suffocate her and didn't let her think with clarity. After a few minutes of her crazy sliding she begun to fall and finally she abrupt ended in a solid rock floor. For a moment she was completely disoriented and scared, but little by little she managed to regain some kind of autocontrol. After a few minutes where she checked that, miraculously, she didn’t had anything broken, she was able to put on her feets and took a look around. The angry feeling continued striking her but she was able to control it for the moment. Without the glow rod she couldn't see a thing but she noticed a little source of red light to her right, no more than a candle’s light, perhaps even less, but it was better than nothing. Using her hands as top she begun to walk in the darkness in the direction of the bright, when she turned a corner she was paralyzed by a horrible vision.
Laying in front of her was a dozen of skeletons of humanoids, apiled like some kind of throne, but the cause of her horror was the creature who was sitting at the top of the skeletons. The creature had four or five deformed arms ended in claws, his body was apparently humanoid, but his head was a skull with a pair of red lights inside. The creature was surrounded by a dim red light, the light who guided her in the darkness. Anger and hate surrounded her and she wanted to run out of there, but she discovered that she couldn’t move anymore.
The creature stared at her for long minutes, saying nothing, and the young woman felt that the pale fire in the ghost’s eyes pierced her mind and soul, testing, searching, leaving nothing untouched, not a thought, not a feeling, not a memory. All her beign was scrutinized by the creature’s will. And Lebenha felt sick.

"Oh I see..” the voice was cold, cruel “ so you have come for this " It was with the same cold voice that she had heard before.
" well, I´m not crazy, it’s a start " while she was trying to calm herself a cylindrical objet of metal begun to levitate in front of her eyes, she reconognize it as a lightsaber.
" You’ll never get it child, let me explain, I´m Wronk, the Lord Sith your father defeated long time ago, but he never destroyed me completely, poor Jedi. He died and when I was prepared to take the control of his wife I felt you, child, and I decided to wait until you grew up.Even then, in your mother’s belly, I was able to felt your power, greater than your fathers" The alien seemed to get loose into his memories and the dark presence that paralyzed Lebenha weakened a little bit.
" I can't break his control " thought desesperatly but still fighting against it. Wronk turned his head to her.
" Don't fight my child it will be worse " and with a movement of one of his arms Lebenha flew trough the room to one of the ice walls,this time she could felt how one of her ribs cracked and the pain was like a fire crossing her body every time she tried to breath. Wronk continued this until she was almost unconscious. With a casual gesture of one of his clawed hands he let her free at the floor.

" Do not fear my child, I am not going to kill you, I´ve plans for you. It was I who let your mother live and teach you until you got the adequate age, then your mother became unuseful and I killed her " so that was it, that explained the strange sickness of her mother, the fury raised now in Lebenha´s heart, giving her new strength and washing away the pain She knew what it was, but didn’t care, that creature had killed her mother, and it would pay for it. But suddenly she listened a new voice into her mind " Beware of the Dark Side, the fear, the fury, the angry, all will drive you to the Dark Side. That’s what he wants. Don’t let it control you! Fight it! "
Wronk continued speaking
" Now, I´ll get the control of your body and your mind and finally leave this planet and the universe will know the power of the Dark Side, you can accept me or not, but first look what we can do together..." Lebenha begun to see herself bringing destruction and fear to the Galaxy, she was able to feel the power that gave her having the control of millions of sentinel creatures, for a moment she got the Universe in her hands, but there was something wrong, there wasn't peace and order, only hate and fear, and then she knew what will happen to her if she accepted the power that Wronk was offering her.
" No " she said struggling against the pain of her ribs and head " I will not let you do this".
" As you prefer child, then you will suffer before you die!! "
Wronk seemed to grow and started to approach to Lebenha, she crawled back in the ice, trying desesperalty to find a way to escape, but she felt the mind contact of the alien and how her own mind was injured. She screamed in the darkness and lend herself down to her knees and tried to fight against the intrusion but her memories, her very beign begun to disappear.
" there is no point my child "
She commenced to open and closed her hands anxiously trying to find something, but there was nothing save ice in the cavern. Suddelny she touched something, something metallic, cylindrical and mysteriously warm. She opened her eyes and saw the lightsaber, her father’s lightsaber in her right hand, it seemed that Wronk forgot it. She hadn’t the time to wonder how it reached her hand.

" and now my child " Lebenha listened at her back " you will be mine "
" Never!!! " and with the same movement Lebenha turned on the lightsaber and stroke the vaporous form of the Sith. First surprised and with fear later Wronk understood his failure, and slowly disappeared with a scream that made Lebenha to fall again. She too screamed for her right arm was crossed by cold and pain and she collapsed.
Silence and darkness fell down over the cavern
A few minutes later Lebenha was in the darkness crying. Then the hum of a lightsaber blade igniating made her turn over her side. The green-blue light of the lightsaber illuminated her.

" You did well my dear daughter "

Lebenha looked to the new presence that appeared in front of her, it was a tall man, with blond hair and a dim blue light surrounded him.
" ¿ father? " Lebenha felt a great peace.
" Yes Lebenha, I´m your father and you are now a Jedi. But there's a lot to learn before your training ends, my sweet daughter, you must go and end it. "
The tears filled Lebenha´s eyes again, but this time there was tears of happiness.
" Yes father, I´ll do "
Onrak Wyndral smiled to her daughter " Yes, you will be a great Jedi, and your mother and I will be always with you, good-bye Lebenha and may the Force be with you "

The sound of the comlink awoke her of her dreams.
" Lady-Jedi " said the Togorian pilot of the freighter," we just arrived at the Chu´unthor, maybe you want to be in the cabin "
" Yes, thanks I will go in a minute "
She cutted the communication and stood up. " Yes, I was very lucky in the ice cavern, but now comes the difficult part ".
She made some Jedi relaxation techniques and opened the door....

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PostPosted: Fri Feb 08, 2013 5:29 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Episode I : Arriving

Some years later of hard training, Lebenha was practicing her lightsaber combat proficiency, when her new master, the renowed Master Arca entered the room. He waited until she ended one of the cadences before speaking.
" You must focus your mind in what you’re doing, be mindful of the linving Force so you wouldn’t fail that way " he said pointing at one of the candles she cutted for the very middle.

" Yes Master, I had a lot to learn " Master Arca nodded.

" That’s why you’re here. Come with me Padawan Wyndral I have a mission for you"

She followed him with a strange sensation on her stomach, she just passed the las two months with her new Master at the Academy and now she must face her first mission alone... things of be a Jedi she thought to herself, but she would like to have had the opportunity to spent a little more time with her fellow students and knights.

They walked in silence to one of the hologram rooms. There with a slight manipulation of the Force Arca conected the hologram proyector. A pair of planets, one white and little, other huge and black, were rounding a red giant star in eliptical orbits.

" This is the Sokor System. You will depart to it as soon as possible and land on the planet called Socorro " at this point the black planet came to the first plane.

" There you will look for the Asilyr tribe. I’ve heard rumors of that tribe. It seems that they show a innate sense of natural phenomena of their lands like sandwhirls, volcano eruptions and earthquakes. Maybe this could be a natural Force-sensitive people or maybe not, but I want you to investigate it. If they are Force attuned it’s very important to hide them from the Empire and the Sith. Am I clear Lebenha?"

" Yes Master, I’ll depart inmediatly"

" Well a ship is waiting you at hangar bay 14. May the Force be with you padawan."

" Thanks Master ".

Quickly, and without time to alert her comrades at that late hours of the night shift, she went to her quarters and prepare to leave. An hour later she was on hyperspace route to the Sokor system...

The arrival of Lebenha at Soco-Jarel spaceport were unnoticed to most, at least for what she could said. She was just another traveller looking for some rest or get lost into the anonymous crowd of Vakenna’s city. The young Jedi was attonished by the stunning views of Socorro. From the height of the landing platform, she could see the vast deserts of black sand and, in the distance, the high peaks of the mountains covered by the flame colored sky due to the last lights of the day.
Lebenha left her consciuousness pass into the very fabric of the Force and she could felt how the life of this arid and savage planet sourronded and filled her. It was in that very moment when she felt it, a faint echoe in the Force, subtle, tremorous, almost a fading help call, someplace deep into the desert. And she felt one more thing, one that she had felt at her homeplanet; the Dark Side.
But before she could focus on it, a pair of beggars started to touch her, asking for some credits.
She gave them some money and asked them for a place to pass the night and maybe where to find a scout. One of the figures pointed her to a place called ‘Black Dust Tavern’.

The place wasn’t difficult to find and as soon as she entered it was clear, even for a girl who grew up in a backwater world, that the place were full of smugglers. Despite that the faint light, and the sound of the music from somewhere in a corner made her feel comfortable. She didn’t feel any danger and it seemd that she wasn’t attracting any special attention.In fact her black robes made her mix perfectly with the natives of Socorro, so nobody gave her a second glance.
She headed to the bartender, a nice men, rounding the 40’s, with long black hair and with a smile in his mouth.

" Hi I’m Karl Ancher owner of the Black Dust Tavern, the best place to rest after a succesful run!"

"Well I’m affraid that I didn’t made any run, but I’ll be very grateful for a some fresh drink and some chat" the smile of Karl turned more wide as he nodded.

" So, you’ve come to the right place my dear, please sit down and make yourself comfortable. I’ll be with you in a moment"

But when she started to check for a free table she sensed anger and fear coming from almost everyone at the bar, incluiding Karl. She turned to the origin of that sensations and she saw a group of five thugs entering the Tavern, like if the owned the place. The group consisted in a pair of rodians, a twi’lek, two bad looking humans and a gamorrean. All wore their blasters up and the gamorrean moved his great vibro-axe from one side to another of his body, meanincing the locals.
She didn’t knew what was going on but her instinct told her to stand near Karl, so she made no movement, but let her mind reach into the fabric of the Force, her hand catched the lightsaber under her cloak.
The thugs moved to face Karl forming a circle and watching everybody. Most of the customers were grabbing their blasters too and were eager to open fire against the newcomers. The air were filled with hate and aggresion. It was evident that nobody would leave Karl face alone the thugs . She was at one side of the thugs, near Karl, and she felt her mind and body attuned to the Force, her lightsaber ready to come to live, she could sense that the fight would be unavoidable.

Then the Twi’lek spoke with a high-pitched voice

“ Greetings Karl, Tiranga isn’t very happy with you, its seems that you haven’t pay your… taxes since a long time.”

Karl laught at his face

“ As I told to your predecesor I don’t have more taxes that the ones I pay now, Tiranga and his friends doesn’t scare me. Now get out of here, and take your pets with you, they smell worse than a Dinagoga.”

Some laughts came from the smugglers, and even from the Gamorrean, but the Twi’lek only moved his tails with indignity and smiled, showing his yellow teeth.

“ I am not my predecesor, and you, and your pitiful friends don’t scare me. This is your last chance, pay me or…”

The thugs rised their blasters, two pointing Karl, the others to the customers. No smuggler retreated, pointing the thugs themselves now. No one pointed to Leb, as long as she wasn’t carry any visible weapon the thugs ignored her. The vibration of the Force told her that the moment was very close…

“ Take your threats and swallow them!” said Karl.

Then everything happened in a second.
Karl grabed his own blaster and tried to shoot at the Tw’liek, but he wasn’t quicky enough, the Twi’lek and one rodian fired at him, he saws the two rays heading at him but suddenly a cloaked figure covered his sight and, miraclously, the blasts were deflected, one to the cieling, the other to the Twi’lek’s right arm.
The others thugs opened fire too, but only one found his objetive, the smugglers opened fire in return and two thugs were down to the floor. The ozone smell filled the room. Karl couldn’t believe his eyes. In front of him, upon his bar was the girl who just entered the local before the Tiranga’s guys. Somehow she had managed to deflect the blaster fire and remained unwounded, then he saw the blue light of a lightsaber and understood, he had been very lucky this time…

The perceptions of Lebenha were maximized by the Force. She saw one human and one rodian falling under the smugglers fire, the other rodian were surprised due to her movement but he quickly changed his objetive and pointed at her with his blaster, the wounded T’wliek retreated with hate in his eyes and screamed

“ Grouftoggg kill her!!”.

Across the firing thugs and smugglers, the Gamorrean charged over Leb. She dodged the heavy vibroaxe and the blast fire form the rodian jumping away from the bar, landing at the Gamorrean’s back. Karl opened fire and took out the rodian as the others thugs fell under the superior number of the smugglers. With a sound half scream half grunt the gamorrean turned to the young Jedi, trying to decapitate her with his axe, but the Force guided her hands and she parried it, the blade of her lightsaber cutting the vibroaxe in two halfs. She adopt a defensive stance and spoke to the gamorrean

“ Stop it, you cannot win!”

But he threw her the handle of the axe and tryed to catch her and strangle her. She moved her lightsaber in a defensive movement trying to disuade him, but he didn’t stop so she sensed how her blade cuts his skin, muscle and bone and how he passed to the Force. She felt his dead, but the danger wasn’t end, even with the blaster fire ended. She turned back and faced the Tw’ilek. He was looking at her, she could sense his hate but she hold his glance. Finally he turned to Karl.

“ This doesn’t end here, oldtimer. You win this time, but you’ll live enough time to regret this.”

“ I’m sure of that” said Karl with a sarcastic smile “ now run and hide in your den.”

The twi’lek walked out of the tavern and the others relaxed and returned to their seats, the mayority of them looking at Lebenha, some of them smiling at her in recknonig.

“Well there goes all the discretion I was hoping to have to continue my journey…” she thought.

She turned off the lightsaber letting the adrenaline went out with the sound of the fading blade, and went back to Karl’s side. He was looking at her with a mixed glance, amazed but grateful.

“ Thank you Madam” his voice were more respectful, but she couldn’t say why, for her Jedi condition or for the fact that she just had saved his life
“ I am in doubt with you”

Some droids started to clean up the tavern, retiring the corpses. She made a little pray for their souls and then she faced Karl.

“ Never mind, how is he?” she said nodding to the wounded smuggler, a pair of comrades were attending him.

“ Don’t worry about him, he will be ok” Karl asnwered.

“ Yes, a blast is too less to end with Tark’s live” said a young man. Fair-haired and handsome, dressed in the typical garb of a smuggler,if there’s such a thing, he walked and joined Karl and Leb.

“ Hi. I’m Jobany Cyrs, wonderful movements, you catched them off-guard.”

“ Thank you” she said “ I’m Lebenha Wyndral” he shaked her hand as same as Karl

“And what are a Jedi looking here at Socorro?” asked Karl giving her a fresh drink.

She took a swallow and let the fresh liquid filled her throat and stomach, cleaning up the last remainders of the fight stress.

“ I’m looking for a guide, I need to find the Asilyr tribe”

Both Karl and Jobany raise their eyebrows and interchanged a significant glance.

“ They are in a very dangerous region Lebenha” said Karl “ are you sure that do you want to go to them?”

“ I must do it, so please if you can point me some guide”

“ You have the best right here madam” said Jobany making a reverence, he looked at her with a smile “it will be a honor to guide you to the Adsila Rifts”

“How much for that trip?” she asked.

Jobany moved his hands as if she was asking him to eat the flur of a wookiee.

“After what you had done? Nothing! If I charge you something Karl would never left me drink here again!”

“ Be sure of that!” added Karl.

“ Well, then we have a deal. Can we depart tomorrow?” for some reason she felt a little rubished when he smiles to her again.

“ We’ll go before dusk”

Half an hour later of chat she went to her room and took a shower, then she let her mind flow to the Force before go to sleep, but she can’t barely did it. She was unpacient to journey thruhout the vast black sand valleys she saw, and the idea of Jobany guiding her made it even more attractive.
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Episode II : The Journey

When the great sun of Socorro appeared from east Jobany and Lebenha were heading to the vast plains of black sands of the Doaba Badlands aboard his well constructed and covert Caelli-Merced landspeeder.
“ We have a journey of 4 hours before reach the Adsila Rifts” said Jobany
“ This planet is marvelous” she said after a while, she was contempling how the light inundates all what covert her shight
“ Yes, but in it’s beauty hide his danger” Jobany’s said.
She looked at him a little surprised, how that could be?, but when after a few minutes under the sunlight, and even with the cover of the landspeeder transpilsteel roof and life support, they started to sweat, then she understood what her guide meant. Anyone who were at the desert without protection will surely die in a few hours. But somehow, that terrorifyng reality only made the black dunes more attractive.
After two hours of journey in wich Jobany and she started to know each other better, talking about some aspects of their past lives, the sensors of the landspeeder began to strike in alarm.

“ Oh! My…!!” Jobany pulled the lever fiercy and the landspeeder begun to rise.She could heard an annoyning sound from below, and when she turned her head to see what was happening she saw a huge sand well were a few seconds before were a great dune. After a few moments of intense climb Jobany stabilized the landspeeder again and they could see the phenomena from a secure distance. After swallowing tons of black sand the sandwell dissapeared as quickly as it had appeared.

“ As you can see, my dear, the heat aren’t the only danger of this deserts”
“ Yes, I can see…”
“ The volcanic activity of the planet makes it very dangerous; sandwells, volcanic eruptions, earthquakes… there are only a few safe areas. And we are heading to one of the most unestable areas of all the planet.”
She was paying close attention to Jobany’s explanation
“ Who knows why the Asylyr tribe choosed the Adsila Rifts region to live, but somehow they managed to avoid all the seismics disturbances and survive them. The other tribes of Socorro traveled thousands of miles just to learn thier secrets, but no one could learn it.”
In that moment she decided, no, she felt, that she could trust Jobany.

“ That’s why I must find them. My Master thinks that this… ability could be Force sensitive based. If that tribe are attuned with the Force and the Empire discover it…” She left the sense of her words in the air, but the face of Jobany indicated, that he understood perfectly
“ But” she continued “ if we can uncover the truth we could protect them better, and teach them the ways of the Force to defend themselves.”
Jobany looked at her with a renowed interest.
“ And do you left all you know and love behind to help a nomadic tribe in a lost corner of the galaxy?” he asked.

She smiled to him,like if she was explaining the most natural thing to a child
“ They are live beigns and part of the Force, my place is where the Force guide me to be and were anyone needs me and my…. AAARRGHH!!”
A painful feeling of sorrow and desesperation stroke her like a physical blow. The death feeling that sorrounded her were as strong as in the ice cavern long away on her homeworld, when she faced the Sith spirit.
“ What?! Leb, what’s up!!?”
“ Down there…. All the family… dying… suffering…” She turned to Jobany
“ Go down, we must help them!”
Jobany landed the landspeeder looking for any nomadic tribe in trouble, she guided him to the right and soon they reached a volcanic region. He suddenly stopped the landspeeder.

“ Just ahead are a Trauger gas eruption, we cannot go ahead Leb, it will kill us even on the landspeeder”
She looked in the direction and could see a cloud of insane green colour covering the area.
“ But they are there and need our help” She cryed to him
“ It will be a empty sacrifice my dear, it would kill us all”
Suddenly a flying creature appeared in front of them, the little wings barely supported the reptilian and black creature, and after a few seconds of flight the creature hitted the ground. But, with an incredible force of will the little creature fought again against the poison that sorrounded him and started to drag along trying to go out of the posionous cluod. Lebenha couldn’t see more the agonic fight for surviving of the creature.She opened the landspeeder cokpit and letting the Force guiding her steps, she ran into the poisonous cloud. She could heard Jobany’s vocie calling her, but when she entered the cloud, the poison hitted her hard, filling her lungs and corroying them.
She couldn’t heard him anymore. The pain made her stop, but soon she let the Force filled her mind and body, purifying it from posion.She forgot the pain and the poison ‘cos they cannot touch her anymore due to her connection with the Force. She was the Force and the Force was her, the light sourronded her and the posion couldn’t hurt the light.She opened her eyes again, and head to the creature. When she reached it she finally noticed why him was fighting against the death. Over his back he was carriyng a puppy. She take both, even when she felt that the little one was death long before, and returned to the landspeeder when Jobany’s were waiting her with an amazed expresion on his face.
When she reached him the creature barely breath in her arms. Without hesitation she entered the landspeeder and started to attended the creature. She expanded the Force to his body, feeling how it tried to breath.She guided the Force over his lungs and heart, purifying them as she did it before with her own. After a few minutes she opened her eyes and saw how the breath of the creature turned to a normal pace.
The little reptilian opened his red eyes slowly and looked around him like if he haven’t waited to opened them again. He looked at Leb and then, realized that he was still alive. He quickly turned his neck looking for the child. He saw the puppy at one of his sides, his yes closed forever. The creature looked at her imploring that she saved his son, as she did with himself, but that was above her skills.
“ I’m sorry, but now he’s one with the Force, you did all that you could to save him”
The creature turned over his back and walked to the puppy and snuffed it. He made some mournful sounds and looked at her.
“ Yes we’ll bury him” She took the puppy into her hands and went into the desert. The little dragon flew with effort up to her shoulders and accomodated there.
Jobany followed them and 100 meters away from the place she found the creatures they buried the puppy.
Half an hour later they continue thir journey, Leb’s new friend asleep at her knees.

“ I can’t belive yet what you did down there”
those were the first words Jobany told her since the incident.
She smiled at him “ I only let the Force guide me. It protects me from the poison and save our little friend, I didn’t nothing”
“ Whatever you want my dear. And you’re very lucky” he said nodding at the asleep reptilian
“ You’ve saved a Socorroan tailring, or Socorran sand dragon. They are a symbol of strength among the tribes of Socorro. They are usually irascible, but once they found a owner they are life-bonded with her. I think it is the case, my dear”
She looked to the one meter long creature and smiled. She knew that if the creature decided to stay by her side it would be only his decision.
“ He will need a name anyway” she said turning to Jobany.
“ What about Kreel?” he said “ In Socorran it means Brave Fighter I think it fits him well”
“ Yes, it fits him perfectly”.

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Episode III : Responsability

Two hours later they reached the region know as Adsila Rifts. The whole region seemed to be cut by a divine hand in a rage and the huge rifts covered all what the see could cover. Some of the rifts seemed to have no bottom. Jobany guided the landspeeder thrughout the rifts with ability.

“ We are going to go the major tribe lands, there you can do whatever you need to do to see if they are Jedi or not”

“ I’m not looking for Jedi, Jobany, I’m looking for people who could be Jedi, there’s a difference.” Said Leb

“All across the galaxy, there are thousands of beigns that could be Jedi, but they don’t receive the proper training, and always call their talents luck or abilty. In fact, every beign of the universe is connected to the Force and his actions affect it”
Jobany looked at her with a funny expresion on his face
“ So deep for me, my dear, I think I prefer not try to understand your people, the Jedi seems to me like legend figures, and now I’m talking with one!”
She was smiling to him, a little embarrased when, suddenly, a danger feeling came to her mind.
“ Jobany watch out!”
A huge rock was falling directly to the landspeeder, Jobany, with great skill managed to dodge it, thought barely, and he was forced to land in a near natural platform of rock over the emptiness of the rift.
They walked out of the landspeeder and looked above,searching for the reason of the falling rock. They could saw some figures jumping from one rock to another,heading to their position. They were armed with spears but some had blaster rifles. They weared black robes giving them a perfectly camouflage against the black rocks of their home.

“ It’s strange” said Jobany “ the Asilyr tribe used to be friendly, don’t move Leb, let’s see what they want”

“ Now you’re talking like a Jedi” she joked with him. Jobany smiled back at her but the abrupt arrival of the members of the Asilyr tribe cutted his response.

“ Go out of our lands strangers” said one of the men
“ We come in peace. We’re looking for Chief Albaicyb”
“ Our Chief doesn’t want anything with you strangers, now go out!”
“ It’s strange” said Jobany “ something must been happened”

“ Well” interrupted the leader of the Asilyr warriors “ Are you going to leave or we must take you out!”

“ Excuse me” Leb said to him, sensing a great resentment instead real anger. “ We don’t want to disturb you, we have crossed your borders without your permission but…”

“ It’s not a matter of borders stupid stranger!” yelled the man. The other warriors grabbed their spears and rifles firmly pointing at them. “ Chief Albaicyb said that no one could enter our lands anymore and…”

In that moment, the tailring, Kreel, went out of the landspeerder and flew to the girl’s shoulders. Even in his weakend state, he looked at the man and showed his white theeth to him, hissing.
The reaction of the men caught both travelers surprised. First they opened his eyes, then an amazed look came to them and their leader looked at Jobany and Leb, then he taked one step back and suddenly made a reverence. The rest of the warriors imitated his leader. Leb looked at Jobany and he seemed as amaed as her.

“ Please forgive me, Dyar’by” at the sound of that name Jobany made a gesture of surprise, “ we’ll conduct you to the Chief Albaicyb at once. Please follow us.”
Lebenha wanted to ask to Jobany the cause of his surprise, and the meaning of all that, but the presence of the warriors made her to remain quiet. The cloaked men guided them to a near cave that opened to a natural passage in the rock. They entered that passage and after a half an hour of walking, with the leader carriyng an antorch as the only source of light, they reached the final of the tunnel and went out again. They appeared at a small valley between two rifts. Upon the floor of the valley were a lot of black tents, making a circular structure. In the center of the circle was a great tent, with the skull of a Tra’cor on his top.
The warrior led them to that tent, but as they crossed the campment more and more people appeared from the tents to see them. Many of them point at Lebenha and whispered the word “ Dyar’by”. She couldn’t imagine what that word could mean, but she could sense the inmense hope that filled the souls of the Asilyr tribe. As well, she could sense that there wasn’t a huge Force concentration on that people. If the suspects of Master Arca were correct, the Force would be very strong among that people, but she couldn’t sense anything special. They weren’t Force attuned. A mixed feeling comes to her. For one side she cannot deny her deception, but on the other hand, she knew that in this case the Empire and the Sith hadn’t a reason to hurt these people and that made her deception disappear, changing it for something too close to relief.
They finally reached the central tent and the warrior told them to wait while he entered. Just a couple of minutes passed, but it seemed to be hours under the scrutiny of the Asilyr tribe. Leb could see that Jobany was moving his right hand aniouxly, near his blaster. She touched his arm with a warm hand and he jumped on his feet, as he didn’t notice her approaching.

“ Be calm, my friend, they don’t want to hurt us”
Jobany tried to smile at her,
“ I would like to have your cold nerves madam”

In that moment the warrior returned to the exterior of the tent and made them signs to enter it. They obeyed and went into it.
The interior of the tent was iluminated by a dim light and they had stop at the entrance letting their eyes fit the new light. After a few moments Leb could see that the floor were covered by a carpet, and all the stance was filled with cushions. The only furniture she saw, was a small table, at the center of the room, just below the little open oil lamp that was the only light source. Below the lamp was seatted an old man, his skin covered with wrinkles due to the age and a lifetime under the sun and winds of Socorro. He was looking at them with milky-eyes. She undestood inmediatly that the man was blind, but she knew too, that he had another type of vision more effective. He was strong in the Force.

“ Please, accept the hospitality of my humble home Dyar’by. Make yourselves comfortable” he said making an inviting gesture with his right hand. Jobany and Leb seatted near him at the comfortable cushions.
“ Greetings Chief Albaicyb. I wish that the sun never see your face and the winds never confuse your way”
Jobany recited the formal salute of the Asilyr tribe. The Chief answered to him in the same way.
“ I’m very honored to receive you Dyar’by” said the old man looking at Leb.
“ No, Chief Albaicyb, I am the one honored to be at your presence” Leb answered. She wasn’t sure about what was happennig, but she would let the Force guide her.
“ You come to us in one of our most desperate hours. We have lost our Moub’ly’dar.”
She could sense the deep sorrow of his voice when he told that.
As long as the old man said no more, and noticing the confused face of Leb, Jobany started to explain to her.

“ The Moub’ly’dar, is the keeper of the knowledge and folclore of the Asilyr tribe. There are only one Moub’ly’dar in the entire tribe, and her is their only link to their memories and past. The Moub’ly’dar are the better storytelling of the tribe, and the best dancer. The Asilyr doesn’t have written records of their history, they refused all recording technologies and they listen and see their past looking at the Moub’ly’dar dancing and hearing her stories. Once in her lifetime, the Moub’ly’dar choose one apprentice form the young members of the tribe. To be choosen is a great honor to all the family, because the Moub’ly’dar is the most important figure of the tribe apart of the Chief”.

She nodded at Jobany’s explanation, then Albaicyb spoke again.

“ A week ago, a group of strangers came to our campfire. We received them with the open arms, fot it is the way of the Asilyr. They ate our food and drank our water, then the time of the Moub’ly’dar came, and she started to dance and sang one of the better histories of the Asilyr. The strangers were very impressed by the dance and beauty of the Moub’ly’dar. And I could heard them speaking in whispers. My proud didn’t let me saw the truth of their intentions. When the party ended and all went to sleep, the strangers kinnaped our Moub’ly’dar, killing some brave warriors in the process. They took her on their ship and disspeared into the desert.”
The man stopped and Leb could see some tears runnig on his face.
“ We didn’t know nothing of them, but the next night I had a vision. I saw a woman of light coming to us, wearing our black robes and with the strength over her shoulders. She will be the one that will bring us back our Moub’ly’dar, she will be our Dyar’by.” Albaicyb were looking at her with his blind eyes full of hope.
“ Now, you have come. You must help us, please, rescue our Moub’ly’dar” then in a whisper he added “ rescue my grandchild.”
She looked at Jobany who was looking at the old Chief and Leb very surprised. She nodded at the old men.
“ I will do all that will be in my hand to help you Albaicyb. Don’t worry”
The evident grateful face of the old man was enough to encourage the young Jedi to do what she just promised, but she had to make a great effort not to be angered by the coward action of the strangers to the people who recieved them like lost sons.
Jobany looked at her face and knew that nothing of he could said would made her change of mind, but his glance was serious.Then he talked:

“ With all due respect Chief. Nobody had survived the Hob’Du’nay. If you made her pass the test you’ll never find the Moub’ly’dar”

The answer of Chief Albaicyb was calm, patient.

“The Dyar’by must pass the Hob’Du’nay. So it is written at the stars. There’s no other way”

“What is the Hob’Du’nay?” said Leb.

The worried look of Jobany made Leb forget her anger to let a great unrest in her… too close to fear.
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Episode IV : Deals of the Past

“The Hob’Du’nay” said Chief Albaicyb.

Jobany, Lebenha, the Chief, and the warriors of the tribe were in another canyon. The night sky of Socorro couldn’t been seeing, due to the great height and proximity of the canyon walls, letting that zone in permanent darkness. The cold of the night was enough for the Asilyr to had taken more heavy clothes, but was the one that emanetad from the cave wich was in front of them that made the brave warriors tremble.

“ You must cross to the other side of the Hob’Du’nay. We’ll wait you there Dyar’by. May the wind guide you” said to Lebenha the Chief.
“Nothing that I could say will make you change your mind, right?” Jobany hasn’t talked since they left the tent and the Asilyr campment “Be extremely cautious down there ok? Not even the Jedi are inmmortal.”
“Don’t worry” said Lebenha with a calm that surprised herself “ I’m expert dealing with tenebrous caves”

Her joke didn’t made the explorer smile, anyway she hadn’t told him about her homeplanet. He took her from her shoulders and kissed her in her front and he left her to join the Asilyr.

Lebenha, with the only company of Kreel, who was still at her shoulders, entered the groomy cave with a sensation of deja vu. She could felt the oppressing presence of the Dark Side around her, but it wasn’t exactly as it was at the ice cave on her homeplanet, this time the Dark Side seemed more alive, more primal, more violent. The floor of the cavern was clean of rocks or bounders, wich surprised the Jedi in a planet with the seismic activity like Socorro. The corridor had a slight ascendant slope that seemed to be carved by an antediluvian water flow. Lebenha expanded her senses but she heard nothing except her own heart beats and those of the little dragon that was with her.

While they advanced through the black corridor, with the light of a lightrod, Lebenha felt the cold of the Dark Side sourrounding her. She felt herself watched and in the complete darkness of the cave seemed to be voices that whispered her feared warnings and horrible menances. The passage opened into a cave so big that the light of the Jedi wasn’t enough to cover it. Huge columns held the weight of the high ceiling of the cavern.Lebenha noticed something at the bottom of a stalactite that shouldn’t be there, it seemed a blanket or a pile of rags. She approached it while Kreel observed the darkness around them with nervousness. Reaching the clothes, Leb kneeled down and with great difficulty due to the deteriorated state in wich it were and it’s age she realized, amazed, that it was the tunic of a Jedi Knight.

“It’s strange” she said while she took it to take a closer look “ this tunics seems to be so old, but I feel something… almost as if it is calling me.. . Look at this Kreel! It’s a lightsaber!”

In that moment everything happened too fast.

A deafening roar swallowed the warning of Kreel. Something big and heavy jumped over the back of the unwarned Jedi.Leb barely couldn’t turn over herself to lessen the strike of the huge claw that teared her robes and the flesh of her back. The pain crossed Leb’s body, so intensly that she couldn’t end her tumble and she fell to her knees among the rags she was inspecting. She only was half turned to face her aggressor. The lightrod went flying and get lost into the darkness, letting all the scene in a dim grey light. She grabbed her lightsaber but couldn’t igniated it.The creature, whichever it was, dind’t gave quarter to her. Even before that she could take her breath, a powerful pair of arms covered by a quitinous shell grabbed the jedi for her waist and took her from the floor, tightening her without pity. Lebenha could felt the hate and the aggression that creature emanated and the Dark Side captured her soul as the creature had captured her body, squashing her as the creature squashed her ribs. Lebenha listened a sonorous crack from one of them and breathing turned into a constant agony. She screamed in the dark of pain and fear when she saw the jaws of the creature rushed over her head. It was her instinct wich made her interpose her arm into the jaws’s way. Her right arm, with her lightsaber ended into the monster’s mouth. The creature, surprised, stopped for a second to look at the Jedi with a pair of cruel, tiny, black eyes. She looked at those eyes and she knew that all the hate and rage that she had felt before came from that creature. Even the power of the Dark Side that was hurting her soul too came from it. The powerful jaws started to close around her arm, slowly, cruel, and the tension became unbearebable. Another rib and the bones of her arm yielded to the tension. Another scream filled the cavern and was amplified by the dark corners of the cave. The creature made a weird noise, like a pouring cat. The Dark Side sourronded her, the voices whispered her at her very soul, she was lost, without any hope, his master had sent her there knowing that this would be her end. Jobany had let her entered the cave knowing that she couldn’t reach the other side. Other Jedis before her had perished in there, more great than her, more powerful.
She had fear, it was so unfair, she only wanted to help, the only thing that could save her in that moment was her anger, use her fear to put aside the pain, use her anger to made that creature paid, to made all of them paid.
She had to do something. She closed her mind to the whispers of the Dark Side. It was only her force of will that made that possible. She focused and didn’t let the fear get hold on her. She was trapped in the mortal hug of that creature. Her vision started to get blurred due to the lack of oxygen. She acted by instinct, she opened to the Force, letting the light guide her and filled her. With her last energies she manipulated the Force to igniated the lightsaber that she knew was still at her right hand,even if she couldn’t felt it.
A blue flash of light illuminated the darkness, cutting it as defiance and she lost her consciousness. The last thing she saw was the dark eyes, looking at her with more hate.
A guttural whisper of pain and surprise was the only thing the creature could emit when the blue blade of energy cutted its brain, killing it instantaneously. It fell with the Jedi below it. The sound of the fall swallowed the sound of the brilliant blade turning off forever.

The battle was fast, violent. The little reptile approached his friend who was laying in the floor, her body half covered by the huge mass of that creature that stinked out blood and death. He was so little to pulled her out, and he was still so weak to flight in search of help. He looked for the light she was carrying and, cautiously, he took it and carried it near his friend. Then he rubbed his little head against her’s and saw how it falled to the other side, lifeless, with her hair covering her face. He laid at her side, hopeless and he closed his eyes with a lament in his throat.

Pain. All her existance had been reduced to this only feeling.There was nothing left of her save pain.So she concentrated on it.If she could felt pain it had to meant that she was still alive.She started with the burning pain of her ribs and lungs. Taking a breath was an epic feat, but little by little, she was able to reconognice her own body among the waves of pain that filled her brain. She left the Force sourrond her and the pain from her chest calmed down a little.When she could breath better the pain came for her back. Four deep cuts from where her blood was mixing with the dust of the cave.She felt the Force taking care of her wounds, like fresh water, clearing her mind.Clearing it enough to felt the pain of her right arm.She had the bones of her forearm broken, and it was still imprisioned by something, something piercing and humid. Something had her legs imprisioned as well. Then she remembered.The cave, the creature, the Dark Side, the fight. Lebenha knew that she was alive thanks to the Force and some luck, not thanks to her skill or wisdom. She was pretty sure that this time Jobany wouldn’t be much impressed by her skills.

She opened her eyes and saw the stalactite where the creature had attacked her. And she saw the face of Kreel looking at her. The little creature seemed very happy to see her alive.

“Hello little friend. That was close, wasn’t it?”

The little dragon moved his wings and made a little roar.

“Yes we had to get out of here.”

With her unharmed arm she opened the mouth of the creature and, putting aside the pain, she was able to free her right arm. Her father’s lightsaber fell from the lifeless jaws, broken in two halfs.
She took it and putted it into her robes. Then she rip apart some of the old clothes and made herself a bandage for her arm to keep it imnovilized.
She found again the old lightsaber and now, without the Dark Side sourronding it, she could felt clearly how strong it the Force it was.

Then, step by step, she crawled out of the cave, found another corridor and followed it to the other side. She was confident that no more creatures will attack her, because the taint of the Dark Side died with the creature.

When she finally came out of the cave the Asilyr was waiting for her, along with Jobany, who ran to help her while the tribesmen cheered her up.

The sun was high when she fell into Jobany’s arms and let him help her.

“You look horrible dear” he said

“Blame the prophecys” she replied “they didn’t tell me to grab another set of clothes”

Next day they were at the Chief’s tent, Lebenah almost recovered from her wounds thanks to the Force and some medpacs Jobany carried. They were ending a quick dinner with Albaycin. They were discussing were to start looking for the girl.

“ Can you tell us something that could help to find the strangers?”
“ The only things I know about them is that their leader was a Twi’lek and they named someone called Tiranga many times.”

A comprehensive look appeared at Jobany’s face.
“ We will make all that we can to return to you your grandchild, Albaycin. Now that we know were to look for”
They left the tent and head to their landspeeder. The entire tribe were out cheering Lebenha

“Dyar’by!! Dyar’by!! Dyar’by!!”

When they reached the speeder and Jobany was starting it Lebenha asked to him.
“ Tell me Jobany, what’s the meaning of Dyar’by?”
He looked at her and said

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Episode V : Tigers and Worms

20 minutes later they were heading at full speed to Soco Jarel space port.
Leb was attending Kreel, giving to him some of the meat that the Asilyr gave to them, but Jobany’s voice caught her attention as he was explaining that the situation were more compliclated that she thought at in first place.
“ Do you remember the little fight at the Blak Dust Tavern?”
“ Yes I do” she nodded.
“ Well, let me explain some of the rules of the underworld here at Socorro. The system is the main territory of a smuggler organization called the Black Bhla’lir. This organization isn’t more violent than most, and their only goal is to protect the smugglers among the galaxy, and take some of their profits too of course” he added with a smile. Jobany was nervous at this point, and the Jedi could imagine the reason, he was a member of the Black Bhla’lir.
“ Well, the fact is that the Black Bhla’lir is one of the worse enemies of the Hutt Empire, you know that the hutts had a reputation based on exploit the smugglers, among other things. Well, when the Black Bhla’lir was formed a long time ago, the Hutts tried to destroy it, but they learned a hard lesson and must learn to co-exist with the organization. The Hutts try to avoid the Black Bhla’lir territories until the arrive of Tiranga. Tiranga is a Hutt that suffered a debilitating spinal cord injury as a young worm, wich has left him partially paralyzed.The impairment also impeded his normal growth cycle, so he’s barely 2.5 meters long. Tiranga came to Socorro looking for a place were the others Hutt didn’t bother him and politely asked to the Black Bhla’lir leaders to stablish at Soco-Jarel spaceport. Some of the members of the organitazion,incluiding Karl and me, told to the leaders that it wasn’t a good idea to have a Hutt on the neighbour, but the Black Bhla’lir let him to open a restaurant, with the idea that Tiranga could be an important tool agaisnt the Hutt Empire in time.With his restaurant profits, the Hutt quickly add game tables and multi-tiered dance floors. Soon the dancers of Tiranga’s Loft,his place, became more and more famous, beign one of the mayor attractions of the club. But, with the arrival of more and more clients, the arrive of despicable guys came too. Soon Tiranga found himself with a little court of assasains and thieves to serve him. And begun to try to expand his influence.”
Now the sun was setting and the shadows begun to sorrund them, Leb could see the lights of Soco-Jarel closing at fast speed, Jobany was pulling the landspeeder at its maximum.
“ It was rumoured that Tiranga had a private harem with the better dancers to satisfice his personal... apetites. Now I know that it’s true.”
“Well” he said turning to Leb “Now that you are filled in.What’s your plan great Jedi?”
She only could smile at him
“ We will enter at Tiranga’s Loft and ask to him to free all his slaves” Leb said with an innocent smile at her face.

An hour later they were sat at the desk on Karl’s office. After told Karl the situation he nooded and said
“ Well, the Inner Circle will give us freedom to act. That Hutt has become a butt in the @$$ for the Black Bhla’lir and its time to go to the doctor.”
“ I don’t want unncesary violence” Leb said.
“ Don’t worry, your plan is simple and I think it has enough chances of success. Jobany will enter the club before us, and mix with the crowd, ready to help you get out. Then you and me enter it and I’ll offer you to the Hutt, as a compensation for my delay in payment. Then when you go to the harem, free all the girls, specially the Asilyr one. Once you were out, the Black Bhla’lir Inner Circle will drive the Hutt out of the system.”
“Ok” said Leb “ I need just a couple of hours to recover and I need to made something first.”

She was meditating on her room. The trasnpasteel windows wide open to let the air of the desert cross it.
She was sitting in the middle of the room and in front of her was the parts of the lightsaber that she could had fixed. The first half an hour on her room she fell into a deep meditative sleep, letting the Force heal her wounds. When she awoke she felt much better and was able to move her right arm and hand with normality save a little pain.She had to wore some bandage, but she could fight. After taken a shower she started to check the two broken lightsabers for parts that could be used.
The grip of her father’s lightsaber was beyong any repair, but the gems that adjusted the length of the blade were ok, as long as the power cell. From the ancient one she get the grip, she had to said that it was a more elegant one, and a little more lighter, and the core gem. It was a strange gem, a violet one, and Lebenha could sense the strong connection with the Force it had. She closed her eyes and opened her inner eye and saw the gem glowing in the Force with a bright and violet light. It was so beautiful.
She changed the old circuits for new ones at the old grip, fixing it with patient and with care. When all was ready she left all the components in front of her and started meditating.

She was connected with the Force for the last hour. She remainded that her mother had told her that one of the trials to became a Jedi Knight in the old days was to construct her own lightsaber. She hadn’t made it yet. But now, in this isolated planet and with only the distant rumor of the city entering by the window she was ready. She remainded the words that her mother made her learnt by heart and doesn’t opened her eyes as she used the Force to complete the last steps of the task.

“ The crystal, is the heart of the blade”

She get the violet crystal with the Force and made it floated in front of her.

“The heart is the crystal of the Jedi”

She didn’t notice that she was speaking the words. The rest of the lightsaber parts sourronded the crystal.

“The Jedi is the crystal of the Force”

She used the Force to assemble the parts.

“The Force is the blade of the heart”

The lightsaber was complete, floating in the air in front of her.

“All are intertwined, the Crystal, the Blade, The Jedi”

She grabbed the lightsaber and ignitated it. The violet blade illuminated her face. She could felt how her connection with the Force grew stronger, more deeper as the blade came up to live.

“You are one” she ended and felt that it was true, as she never felt like this before, as if her lightsaber was part of herself instead of a weapon or a tool.

She came out of her room with a more confident look at her golden eyes, and feeling more connected to the Force than never.

She seemed to interrupt a conversation between Jobany and Carl.

“Excuse me, do I interrupt something?”

The two men looked at her and the smile at Karl gave her made her felt not so confident.

One hour later they were at the two blasted doors of the Tiranga’s Loft. At first sight the place seemed a dilapidated warehouse in need of restoration and repair, so the young Jedi was not ready for the interior of the site.
The loud music, the sounds of people having fun, the smoke of one hundred strange tabacoes, hitted her like a phisical fist. The club featured a floating bar on every level and a small restaurant, complete with attendant droids. The great structures of the club were the dance floor, and above it, there was sabbacc tables, orbiting the dance floor in a satellite pattern, mimicking moons orbiting a planet.
Karl noticed her first reaction and grabbed her. “ Are you ok?” he whispered at her ear.
“ Yes” she said after a moment “ I’m affraid I don’t use to visit these places”
“ Don’t wory, when this ends I will show you the best places of the galaxy” he said with a smile.

They made their way to one of the near bars, Leb could felt that the gravity were less inside the club. She guessed that it was a order of Tiranga himself. She toke mental note of that, when a ugly human, with a patch on his right eye and no hair over his head, approached them.

“ Were you’re think you’re going Karl?” asked the man. His voice sounded like knives cutting bones.

“ I want to see Tiranga. I’ve the credits and… a gift” he added pointing to the girl.

The man looked at her, and Leb barely could disimulated her disgusting.The many scars that crossed his face seemed to change of color with the lights of the floor dance. His left eye, was black, absolutely lifeless, as if the man were dead long ago.

“ Follow me” said him after a few seconds.

“ Now you are the doorkeeper of Tiranga, Matliss? I thought that you were more capacited for other… jobs” said Karl. The other man turned as fast as lighting and a heavy blaster pistol was pointing at Karl’s head.
Lebenha moved her hand to reach the lightsaber using the Force, for it was hidden at Karl’s wraist, knowing that it would be to late of Matliss fired, but the laught of Karl stopped her.
“ Hahaha, are you sure Matliss?, do you really want to shoot me?” Karl holded the glance of the bountyhunter. After a pair of tense seconds, Matliss downed the blaster.
“ Someday, old smuggler, someday” he said
“ I’ll be waiting you” answered Karl.

“What was that?” Len asked to Karl when Matliss headed ahead of them.
“Old business, don’t worry dear I got it under control”.

Leb desired to had the confidence of the man, and she forced herself to calm and made some deep breaths to calm her. The worst part was about to came.

They resumed their way, passing a pair of blast doors and reaching a more private area.
After a short corridor they entered a cilindrical chamber, with a pit open in the middle. Some girls were dancing at the pit sides, and a lot of thieves and bad-looking guys were applauding them. Above all, in a respulsorlift bed, were the Hutt, Tiranga. Matliss conducted the pair in front of him, and while he spoke to the Hutt, the dancers stopped and all the attention was putting on the newcomers. Leb looked around her, looking for Jobany, but she couldn’t see him.

“Hohoho, towana no badda” said Tiranga.

“Yes, you win, I’ve lost many customers due to our fights, and I can’t lose more. Here’s the money and a gift for you Tiranga. A dancer from the Lightsabers Club.” At the mention of the famous club, a rumor crossed the crowd. With that Karl took away the robe that covered the girl’s body letting her with the disguise they insisted that she must worn. It was just a pair of bands of corellian black silk, covering her breast and leaving her back, shoulders and belly to the air.Below the silk goes down in front and in the back, covering her body but letting her long legs to the air too. They had to put some white bandages on her both arms to cover the right arm wound.
When she came out of her room with it, she blushed at the approval looks of Karl and Jobany. Now it was different.
Tiranga seemed pleased and his lustful glance go over her body. He passed his tonge over his lips, and she felt a nausea. Some of the crowd made bad jokes about her, but she kept her focus and calm, but couldn’t help to think that this wasn’t a great idea after all.In one thing Jobany was right, no one was looking at her face.

“ahhh, Karl ma buki, tanag ti conog, calagossta” said the Hutt to Karl, he just nooded in response.

Tiranga made a signal and a Twi’lek approached to them, he get the credits that Karl handled to him, and when he looked at her face, Leb knew that their plan was failed. The Twi’lek was the same that she faced at Karl’s Cantina when she arrived to Socorro.

“Master!!” he yelled before Karl or Leb could do anything “ she’s the Jedi!! She isn’t a dancer. Treason!!” he said pointing at them and retreating, looking for the protection of the guards.

In a second Karl and Lebenha were pointed by a lot of blasters, she moved her hand to reach into the Force, but the ice glance of Matliss pointing at Karl stopped her.

After the fisrt surprise Tiranga seemed pleased again.

“Towuana banga, kasih ka to” said the hutt

“No, we don’t want to kill you, we only… ugh!” a gamorrean hitted Karl on his stomach and interrupted him.

“We have come to take back to home the Asilyr Dancer and all the girls you’ve enslaved. Free them and us, and you’ll not suffer any harm” Lebenha voice sounded more confident that she really felt.

“Hummmpff!” Tiranga closed his eyes until only a thin part of them was visible. “Ya ta dicho!!”

With that order, the Twi’lek disarmed Karl and he found the lightsaber too, and a gamorrean pulled Leb to the pit and threw her in. She fell for 9 meters but, she could land on her feet, thanks to her training.

“Now we’ll see if you are so good without this!” said the Twi’lek with an evil smile and playing wiht her lightsaber. Tiranga and the others were at the pit border, looking down to her. She could saw Karl struggling, trying to scape and help her, but the two gamorreans guards who had him were too strong.
The bottom of the pit was filled with a short grass, and the walls was polished, it was impossible to climb up.
Then an iron gate opened at her back and she turned to face whatever was waiting on the other side. She let her mind reach into the Force, and only her Jedi reflexes saved her when a black figure jumped over when the iron gate was only half opened. She rolled to one side and stood up inmediatly to face the creature.
She could see a feline creature, her muscles moving in harmony while she rounded the girl, looking for the best angle to jump over her. The beast opened his mouth and she could see the white fangs, the green eyes hold on her.

“A Black Bhla’lir!” said Karl “You’re dead now, Tiranga, the Inner Circle never forg…agh!” again the gamorrean guards hitted Karl and the only thing Leb could heard was the laugh of the hutt.
Lebenha could feel the sorrow coming from the creature, she was acting moving for the desesperation, not for anger. She looked directly to her eyes and opened her mind. Then Lebenha saw… the huntings with her mate, the little three cubs eating first from the fallen prey, the nights at the trees…
She could heard the crowd roaring for her blood but she concentrate on the Bhla’lir. The images continue filling her head… suddenly the strangers came and her mate approached to them, they pointed him with the strange sticks, and then the red light surrounded him and they killed him. She knew he was dead before his body fell to the ground, so she ran and ran, trying to take away the strangers of their cubs, she did it, but they get her too…
The Bhla’lir roared and jumped again over Lebenha, more confused than angered so the Jedi could dodge her again. Lebenha hadn’t any wish to harm that creature, but after knowing her history she realized that she was a slave too and the Knight was decided to free her too.

She could heard a voice over the others. “ Now you don’t look so confident Jedi!!” said the Twi’lek, Leb looked at him, he was still grabbing her new lightsaber “ do you want it?” he said with a cruel grimace. Suddenly, a black shadow fell over his face and he yelled in terror, droping the lightsaber. The shadow leaved her face with half a tentacle into her mouth, and Lebenha could see how Kreel flew to the ceiling of the room with the twi’lek’s tentacle.
All the thugs was looking at him, surprised, so no one noticed the lightsaber falling near the pit.
That was the chance she was waiting for. With the help of the Force, she jumped to the upper part of the pit, dodging another attack of the Bhla’lir, and using the Force, she catched the lightsaber and ignitated it.
As before she could felt her connection with the Force getting greater as the violet blade extended from the hilt. She waved the weapon to one gamorrean who was holding Karl before anyone noticed her movement.
Then she moved the lightsaber to threaten the other gamorrean who leaved Karl, the attention was over her again.
And then the havoc filled the chamber. Karl managed to get a blaster for himself and join the fight. He looked for Matliss but it seemed that he had leaved the room.
Some ran away, some fall to the floor and cryed, trying to avoid Kreel dives and some opened fire upon the Jedi.
Her lightsaber came to live, turning from one side to another, up, down, up, down, deflecting all the blasters. She hitted one thug, then another, deflect another blast, she was moving as fast as she could so its seemed that she was surrounded by a lavander light as she executed the elegant movements of the lightsaber combat and attracted all the fire over her.
Then, one deflected blast hitted Tiranga’s repulsorlift, barely destroying it, and the Hutt fell to the pit with an horrifyng cry that stopped all the fight. No one looked at the pit, but all could hear the roar of the black tiger and the dying cry of the hutt. There was a little pause on the fight as the thugs assimilated the fact that their boss were dead, then they turned to Karl and Leb again.
“ We’ll not make it dear” said Karl that in that moment had a blaster on his right and left hands.
“ Trust the Force, it’ll guide us” Karl smiled to her and suddenly the blast doors exploded and dozens of Black Bhla’lir Society members entered the chamber, guided by Jobany. With the reinforcements the thieves had no more struggle feelings and surrender.
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The next day, with all the thieves under control and the Black Bhla’lir in a aproppiate room, Leb had told the smugglers the zone of her homeplanet to leave her, hoping their cubs were still alive, they were at the Asilyr Rifts with the Moub’ly’dar, the greatdaughter of the Asilyr Chief a young and beauty girl who seemed to have the Force with her as her grandfather, with her people again. The feast lasted for two days with its nights. Karl and Jobany laught a lot when the young Moub’ly’dar tryed to teach Lebenha how to dance. That night she discovered that she had a natural talent for dance… and Jobany discovered that even a shy Jedi could embarrash a smuggler.

After two more days Leb was ready to leave Socorro. Jobany, Karl, and herself were eating at Karl’s bar, with Kreel at Leb’s shoulders, eating her food too.

“ So the Asilyr aren’t Force-attuned?” asked Jobany

“ No, I’m affraid not. Their capacity to preview the seismics disasters must come from centuries of adaptation not from the Force. But the Moub’ly’dar and Albaycin could probably be a Jedi. But they prefer to live among their people, so we left them in peace, at least they are creatures of light” she answered.
She ate another fruit and handle the half to Kreel, who ate it too. For a moment she sense a near danger, but it was only for a second and she thought that it will be due to the Ethra Brewey she had drink past days.

“ You must be quick if you want to go, dear” said Karl “ do you have all your things?”

“ Yes” she replied. She looked to the bracalet on her right arm, a gift of Albaycin and the Asilyr tribe. “ I must go”. She stand up and accommodated her new black Jedi robes. Another gift of the Asilyr.

“ Come back soon” said Jobany “ We’ll miss you”
“ Its a promise” she said to him, Kissing him on his face.

“ Take care my friends, and may the Force be with you” she said after she leaved the tabern and head to the spaceport.

“ And with you” whisper Jobany at her back, but she couldn’t hear him.

Lebenha flew back to her Master's side and he heard her tale with patience and without saying a word. He admired her new lightsaber. His semblance was serious.

"You have behaved correctly in the face of unexpected events Padawan Wyndral, and you have heard and made your best to follow the will of the Living Force. And.. " he raised Lebenha new lightsaber to his eyes " You have constructed a lightsaber on your own. " He gave the weapon to his apprentice. Now his face showed some sadness.
"Perhaps it is too early, but it has been foresighted. It is the will of the Force. " he said just in a whisper. Lebenha barely heard that.
He looked back to her. She felt an uneasy feeling crossing her spine.
"Kneel down Padawan Wyndral " he said. She obeyed and as she fell to her knees the light on the chamber faded down. Suddenly the Master's lightsaber ignited and illuminated the room.

"Emotion yet Peace. "

The sound of Arca's voice were more deep than usual as it came from a very hidden place.

"Ignorance yet Knowledge"

Lebenha recognized the phrasing of the code for an old one. She refrained a smile, there was some things that her Master liked in his own way.

"Passion yet Serenity"

Memories of her training crossed Lebenha's mind. Her failures, her tenacity, Master Arca's patiente with her doubts, with her endless questions.

"Chaos yet Harmony"

She had her eyes closed but she was sure that she could feel two more precenses in the room. One at each side of Arca's side. She didn't dare to open her eyes, afraid that the presence of her fathers dissapeared. It was better to feel them.

"Death yet the Force"

A moment of pause. She could felt that her mind was in communion with the Force, filling her with calm.

"You have kneeled as Padawan. Rise now as Jedi Knight!"

With that sentence the lightsaber of Master Arca, almost pure white, moved in a sharper cut and the little piece of hair that was her sign as Padawan fell to the floor.
She raised and opened her eyes. For a moment and behind her Master she would have swear that she could have seen her father.
Her Master was smiling.

"Welcome to the Knighthood. Now we are brothers."

She couldn't say nothing, just embrace her Master who was caught a little bit of guard for that reaction, but embraced her in return with kindness.

"One thing is for sure. In your next mission I will send you to a planet with no caves"
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