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Policy for posting about PbP games on other websites: Don't
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Supreme Chancellor (Owner/Admin)

Joined: 14 Apr 2008
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PostPosted: Sat Dec 15, 2018 12:55 pm    Post subject: Policy for posting about PbP games on other websites: Don't Reply with quote

This is an official FORUM POSTING GUIDELINES update, but I thought I should announce it here for maximum visibility where it is most applicable. Now that we have interest in Play by Post games returning to the Pit, I don't want to see posts here that advertise for PbP games on other sites because: (1) It sends people to other sites when we have PbP capability here, and (2) These posts clutter up this site's PbP forum when they have nothing to do with PbP games here.

Site Admin wrote:
(7) Keep it civil. Please be respectful of the forums, other users and their posts. Please do not spam or otherwise vandalize the forums. Advertisements for PbP games on other websites should not be posted here.

Please note this prohibition does not include virtual/online gaming, or play-by-email (if anyone does that anymore), because those methods are not in "competition" with anything we offer here. But those are off-topic in PbP so post those in the Gaming Groups forum.

I don't really care if someone mentions their non-Pit PbP game if appropriate to a conversation, but I don't want to see recruitment efforts and promotions for PbP games on other websites. If you would like to discuss this update further, please go to the Forum Posting Guidelines thread linked above and post there. Thank you.
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Supreme Chancellor (Owner/Admin)

Joined: 14 Apr 2008
Posts: 9319
Location: Columbus, Ohio, USA, Earth, The Solar System, The Milky Way Galaxy

PostPosted: Sat Dec 15, 2018 4:22 pm    Post subject: Previously posted PbP ads for other websites Reply with quote

Here are some previously posted PbP ads for other websites, approximately from newest to oldest (2017 to 2008-ish). I deleted the following posts but compiled them here. Please note that most of these games are probably not active anymore (I did not follow any of the links to check).

Savar wrote:
Sith Temple

To: Sector Ranger Command
From: <concealed>
Regarding: Weapons, Art works, Sith artifacts

Forwarded [
As per my orders I attempted to backtrack that collection of weapons, art, and artifacts. I have ran into a block that so far I have been unable to get past, the locals. There's a shadow port in an asteroid belt here. There’s also a group of pirates in the area, that tend to hit people leaving the local inhabited planet. Every time I have gotten someone to start talking to me they die. There has been a couple attempts on my life and some weird accidents. ]

That was the last report I received from my closest ranger. Do I send another in or drop the investigation?

Contact: Savar

Man In Black wrote:
Looking for PbP players

Trying to get a group together for some 1e action set before the original Star Wars. The story follows a group of Rebel operatives that are chasing down a rumor of a Jedi Knight locked away in a Corp. Sector prison. The plan is to get arrested, find him, and break out. If anyone is interested, please direct your questions at Register accounts as your character, please.

Endless Flight wrote:
Play-By-Post Game Looking For Players

Hey Everyone,

Not sure if there are any people looking for play-by-post games here any more, but I'm thinking of starting up a SW play-by-post game on another site and I'm looking for players. If you've never played in a play-by-post game before, you are very welcome to join up. I'd prefer it actually. The thread is here:

I'm not sure which system or era I'm running it in, probably D6, but we can figure that out. I'll be looking for players on other sites as well.

Thank you,


Lord Ben wrote:
New PBP game.

Hey, I started a new Star Wars game for D6 and I figured I'd put up a notice here. Looking for a couple players. game info game forum

Thanks, haven't been here in a few years but love the site whenever I run this system.

rredmond wrote:
Re: Star Wars d6 PbP recruiting players!

Just FYI, the GM finished Starfall and now is moving on to Strike Force Shantipole see the thread here:

He's looking to see if there are any other players that may want to join.

Take a peek if interested! Smile

Be well all,

rredmond wrote:
West End Games Star Wars d6 Play by Post (offsite)

Seems like y'all are amenable to offsite PbP games so Unseen Servant , where we are host to many S&S games (OSRIC, AD&D 1E and 2E, BECMI, DCC RPG etc) now has a recruitment thread for a Star Wars d6 game!

The thread is here:

And here's a summary by the GM:
max_vale wrote:
I'd like to run a 1st Edition West End Games Star Wars d6 module titled 'Starfall'.

I'd have a few houserules; but anyone familiar with any version of d6 would easily get the rules; and really; anyone can pretty quickly grasp the's one of the simplest and most adaptable RPG systems I've ever seen.

The module is set during the Rebellion against the Empire (i.e. the same Time frame as 'Star Wars' and 'Empire Strikes Back'); and begins with the PCs as members of the Rebel Alliance who have been captured by the Imperials and are in the cellblock onboard a Star Destroyer when a sudden attack from other ships momentarily cuts off the power and allows the PCs to make a break for it!

I'm looking for 3-6 Players; experience with WEG's d6 is preferable...but really, the whole system is basically "roll a number of six sided dice to beat a target number"...pretty simple!

If I have 3 or 4 players; one player can be an Alien character; if I have 5 or 6 players then 1-2 players can be Aliens. I'll allow 1 Jedi (LOW-POWERED) character if somebody wants to play one.

Any/all rules/systems questions: ask away!

Jedi Skyler wrote:
On AND Off-site PbP Gaming


I've seen a lot of activity in the various informational threads, but a sad lack of activity in the game threads. I'd like to encourage anyone who likes to play (especially PbP) to get in touch with the various GMs in the Active Games section to see about bringing some new blood to the games there. It'd be great to see them rise back up in activity level.

Also, if you've got the interest to play, I'd like to invite you to come check out Roleplay Realm. We have a number of active games there (not just Star Wars), and there's always room for more. There's also room for new players here and there.

I know that RL bogs us down sometimes and interferes with gaming, but I'd really like to see a resurgence in popularity; getting new players involved (let alone GMs) often breathes new life into stagnating games, which is what I'd like to see.

Check 'em out, and let's get rolling!

hobbes wrote:
Labyrinth of Shadows

I'm starting a new game called Labyrinth of Shadows. The New Republic and two of its allies are putting together a squad of highly trained Special Operatives to combat the Empire in dark allies and hidden fortresses all over the galaxy. This group will occasionally come into contact with some major players in the Star Wars Universe, and will constantly be in the action.
-The year is 8-9aby
-Each PC will start with at least 55 skill points (depending on which organization they are affiliated with)
-I currently have space for 1-2 more players (who are willing to play a long story)
-The game will move pretty fast, so posting frequency will need to be in the area of five times a week. (weekdays)

If you are interested, this link has more information:

Any with interest or questions, look me up.

Endless Flight wrote:
[Off-Site] Recruiting For Game

Hello Guys and Gals,

I'm starting a play-by-post game on my little site. It's called Tales of the Smoking Blaster, which was an adventure published by WEG. I will be using Second Edition/Revised & Expanded. I am looking for 4-6 players. The game takes place in the Rebellion Era, approximate one year after the Battle of Yavin. The characters are members of a ship's crew who get stuck between an asteroid and a hard place after their cargo is stolen.

Here's the recruitment thread.

Thanks for looking!


LeeringCorpse wrote:
New Star Wars or Post Apocalyptic Game

I'm looking for players to populate a Game I am planning on running over on RPD

It will be either a Star Wars game or a Post Apocalyptic game. The two players I have are open to both settings though they are leaning toward the Post Apoco game. If any are interested head here to check it out. If you have any questions post below or at the above link.

THK wrote:
Star Wars: Living By The Sword

I recently started up a game on my site. I have five players, but if there is anyone looking for a Star Wars game full of piracy and outlaws, there can be room for you. Stop on by, right here.

hobbes wrote:
Re: Faction Crusades

Looking for a couple of new players:

Contact me if you are interested.

obidancer wrote:
Re: New Star Wars PbP - Not accepting any more applications

Hi Guys,
The Legend of the Crystals board is officially opened.
Not really finished yet, I'll complete it as we go.

You can get access to it at the following addresses:


So register and once I've got all players ready, we'll be starting!

Endless Flight wrote:
Tatooine Manhunt

Hi Guys,

I just wanted to throw a bone out there that I was interested in GMing the Tatooine Manhunt module for a group of four to six players. Standard character creation rules apply. I'd like to stick to species that in the core book, if at all possible.

I will be running the game offsite on my little forum, which is here. If you'd like to join, come on over, and we'll get started soon. I'm looking for players who can check on the forum at least once a day.

The forum is located here.

Thanks for looking.


bave wrote:
New game starting...

I am trying to put together a new game and just need another character or two. The game will be taking place between Ep. 3 and Ep. 4. Characters we have are still being developed.

The ruleset will be primarily Starwars R/E with a few D6-Space rules thrown in where we have had good experiences.

If you are interested, take a look here...

Ankhanu wrote:
If you're interested in joining my forum (gave you the link over IRC, and it's in my sig), I've had several people disappear from the game I'm running on my messageboard (Telan Shadows).

I'm going to be starting Chapter 1 soon, so it's a natural place to add new characters... but I've also developed a setting where your character options are slightly limited. Take a look over the Prelude chapters and if you're interested, let me know what kind of character you'd like to play. We can look it over and figure out if it fits with the game, and if not, suggest other options.

Noven wrote:
Re: General Request For a Privateer Campain (And GM to Run it!)!

Ok open recruitment for this PbP game has commenced. I have a captain for the ship and am ready to start getting some players =D

Jamfke wrote:
Re: Don't let this great opportunity pass you by.

You could slide into a current game running on my board.

It's post Ep. III / pre Ep. IV, currently a couple or three years after the events of Ep. III

We've got two ex-clone troopers, a Trianni mechanic/freighter pilot, a Jedi tech-freak with a big thing for dual lightsabers, and a humanoid assassin with conflicts about his past and a possible future as a Jedi in training.

They're currently on a mission to fetch a certain uppity up on the planet Abregado-rae but have been side tracked by a ship full of clone pirates. Things are tense for one of the troopers as the leader of the band might be someone from his past!

DarthMortis wrote:

Not sure if this is "On topic" or not, but there is another website I know of that you can use private chat rooms that require a password

It's a fairly nice site, you can talk directly to people, secretly if you are the GM and you want to tell someone something, like what they find out in a roll that other characters wouldn't necessarily know. And there is also an action thing you can use. I dunno if you want to check it out then go ahead, I roleplay there quite often, but I've never tried using it for D6 or any other system with actual rules

Camero wrote:
An Awesome PbP

Hey All

This is a public service announcement Very Happy

I am a die hard fan of the Pit - you guys brought Star Wars back to life for me. So this info isn't to lure anybody away from the Pit (I frequent the Pit and this other site), but I think you should really check it out....

An amazing Star Wars d6 PbP game is being formed at . Dagarthorn Games is not as well established as The Rancor Pit, it doesn't have the same breadth and depth of members or the fun discussion threads, BUT it does have the best PbP GM-ing I have ever seen!

For me, the games there play as cinematically as the movies. The GM (the administrator named The High King) uses maps, pictures, and description to set the scenes, as well as a separate thread called "cut scenes" that provide glimpes of what is going on with heroes and villians elsewhere in the galaxy that we will likely meet up with later - great foreshadowing. I am playing in the the Star Wars game that is already going - which may also be open to new players - so if you want to verify my praise for yourself then read the thread of the old game for yourself :

I am not the GM, but here is a very quick overview of what I know of the NEW game thus far -
The new game is going to be called Knights of a Shattered Gallaxy (KOASG) and will be starting in a few weeks. KOASG is set 1000 years ABY, with the emergence of a new Sith Empire (which emerged from the Empirial remenants and Jenassari?) in a galaxy fractured between the Galactic Republic (the New Republic decendant) which has just had its Jeid traditon wiped out, and the Cybotica Union (a technologically advanced federation of planets made up of freed and 'born free' sentient droids). The game is set to be epic in scale - taking on the Sith and the challenges of re-kindling the hope for a reemergence of the extinct Jedi Order. For more info on the game, the history of the future setting, and the technology of the future, see the KOASG thread
and the Recruitment Arena thread

The administrator of Dagarthorn Games (the site) is looking for new players, new GMs, and new interest.

Come to the site, sign up, and check things out - you won't be sorry!

Endless Flight wrote:
Play-By-Post Game Offsite - New Republic: Special Missions

Hi Everyone,

I'm starting up a new play-by-post game on my own site, and was looking for a few players to help fill in the team. First four players will be accepted. The information on the game is below.

Game Title: New Republic: Special Missions
System: Star Wars Role-Playing Game: Revised and Expanded
Players Wanted: 4
Posting Rate: At least an average of once per day, please.
Special Rules: None yet.
Advancement Rules: Character Points awarded on a weekly basis (based on roleplaying, and character decisions)

I'm interested in running a game set in the Dark Empire era (six years after Return of the Jedi). The Empire has managed to regroup, and recapture Coruscant from the New Republic, but lately have split into several factions competing for dominance in the galaxy. The Alliance have attempted to regroup and take back the capital, but have failed in their efforts through massive firepower. New, covert methods are necessary. The Alliance have asked both General Madine and Jedi Master Luke Skywalker for assistance in gathering together some of the finest men and women with the heart and resolve to carry out these missions. These recruits will now be a major factor in the struggle against the Empire to bring peace to the galaxy.

I'm using the West End Games 2nd Edition: Revised & Expanded (1996). Four players needed. One or two can be Jedi apprentices. 18D for attributes, and 10D for skills. If you have Force skills, they will be taken out of the 18D for attributes. Advancing the Force skills will be taken out of the 10D for skills.

If you are interested, stop by my site, and post in the Campaign Discussion thread.

New Republic: Special Missions

See ya there.


Rerun941 wrote:
RedFox wrote:
I don't know if any of you guys are into play-by-post stuff, but I just started a Star Wars D6 game on


Anyone have experience with this sort of thing? Advice, etc?

Hell, good ideas for the game would be appreciated too.

I've done a little bit of play-by-post on
It was started by a SWRPG (d6) guy and it's an excellent site.

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