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An Idea
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PostPosted: Wed Jul 14, 2010 1:24 pm    Post subject: An Idea Reply with quote

The other night, during my third snifter of brandy, an idea popped into my head. I know, I know, you would rather listen to the insane ranting of a pothead on the workings of a “dog army”, or the benefits of “fridge pants”, then the random musings of a drunk. But I think the idea might be a decent one if it can gain some momentum, and some good people to work on it. So what is the idea you say?

“The Liberty” a Rebellion capital ship that acts as a staging point for Alliance missions ranging from diplomatic to combat.
In reality it would be an addition to the play-by-post area run by a handful of dedicated play-by-post GMs, who work together, to bring stand alone, Rebellion based, adventures to the Rancor Pit Forums.

Why, you ask?
Well I know a campaign is a big commitment to be apart of, so that might scare off some people who would want to participate in a pbp experience, and some campaigns seem to die off half way in, leaving good characters abandoned. Also the way it is set up now on the forums characters that would play in a little adventure would need to be abandoned, or overhauled, to take part in another adventure run by a different GM.
With the collaboration of several GMs on the rules of character creation, house rules, and the does and don’ts of player rewards, it might be possible for player characters to easily move from adventure to adventure which may be run by different GMs.
Below is the way I sketched it out

The Liberty:
--------Seeking Permission to Come Aboard: This would be an area for GMs to post the rules for players creating new characters as well as players to post their newly created players for Gm approval.

--------On the Books: This would be the area for the GM approved players to place their characters. With this area GMs can see what sort of characters are about, as well as a place for players to update their characters for all to see and keep track of adventures they have been involved in.

----Briefing Room 1: The briefing rooms are where the adventures would be posted. I thought it a good idea as well to name the rooms in a way to organize adventures so players could find adventures easier, such as Briefing Room 1: Space Ops. (where most space combat oriented mission would take place), Briefing Room 2: Covert Ops. And so on.

----Briefing Room 2:

----Briefing Room 3:
--------Looking For Volunteers: This would be the area in the briefing rooms for the GMs to post upcoming adventures and the sort of characters they are looking to involve in them.

--------Operation Mud Flop: This would be an example of an adventure folder within the Briefing Room.

--------Operation Slap and Tickle:

-------------In Character: Of course this is the topic where the adventure is actually played.

-------------Out of Character: Self explanatory as well.

----The Bridge – GMs only: This is where the participating Game Masters will come to collaborate on what house rules to use, or not to use, as well as the rewards the players get for adventures and what kind of rewards they would not like to see players get. In short it is the place the GMs go to discus all aspects of “The Liberty”.

Well that was the idea I had. I don’t know if any would be interested in such a thing, or if it would be possible to do, but if it is possible I think it would be great addition to the Play-by-Post area of the Rancor Pitt.

The question remains however, should I go back to my brandy and leave the thinking to my betters, or do I have something here?
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