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[Rebel Uprisings] Current Crew Roster - Character Sheets
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Grand Moff
Grand Moff

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PostPosted: Sat Aug 20, 2005 9:46 pm    Post subject: [Rebel Uprisings] Current Crew Roster - Character Sheets Reply with quote

Blue text indicates something that has been updated.

Type: Modified Servant Droid
Model: SE4 Servant Droid
Age: 75 Height: 1.6m Weight:
Physical Description: A dull green color with many dents and scratches. His right arm appears to have originally belonged to a super battle droid.
Dexterity 2D
Blaster 4D+1, dodge 3D+1
Knowledge 2D
Culinary arts 3D, cultures 3D, home economics 4D, languages 3D
Mechanical 2D
Communications 5D, (A)disorienting feedback 2D, repulsorlift operations 3D
Perception 2D
Bargain 3D, command 2D+1, con 2D+1
Strength 2D
Lifting 3D
Technical 2D
First aid 3D+2
Equipped with:
  • Humanoid body (head, two arms, two legs)
  • Vocabulary speech system
  • Photoreceptors
  • Auditory sensors
  • Arm mounted blaster-rifle (5D, 3-30/100/300)

Story Factor:
Backup personality: While in the service of Casisoman Senator Greleriv, Kabakh was programmed with a backup personality to make him act as a bodyguard. It was installed so Kabakh is not aware of it in his primary personality though he is aware of both in his backup personality. Anyone making a Very Difficult droid programming roll will discover this personality. A second Very Difficult droid programming roll is required to erase this personality with a memory wipe.
Move: 7
Force Sensitive: No
Force Points: 1
Character Points: 18
Equipment: Comlink, datapad

Background: Kabakh started life as a standard SE4 droid. Like most droids he was given a memory wipe on a fairly regular basis. That is until the Clone Wars when his then owner, the Casisoman senator Greleriv, had him modified to serve both as his personal servant and as an extra bodygaurd. He had the droid modified to by replacing his right arm with that of a super battle droid destroyed early during the wars and also had a backup personality that could not be erased so easily by a memory wipe. However, when the senator died at the hands of one of Count Dooku's assassins, Kabakh soon found himself up for sale.

Personality: Kabakh is normally very obnoxious personality wise, always promoting what he sees as proper manners, proper eating habits, sticking to a schedule he has created, etc. He fails to realize his right arm contains a retractable blaster. However, when given the code phrase "Kabakh defend" he becomes a determined bodygaurd who will kill everything in his path to keep his master safe. Under normal circumstances he is not even aware of this second personality. He can only return to his primary personality through the phrase "Kabahk stand down."

Objectives: To serve his master to the best of his abilities and make sure he/she eats properly.

A Quote: "Nerf medalions with a white Nubian wine? How dreadful! Everyone knows you serve nerf medalions with a red Chandrilian wine."

FLUFFY for President!!!!

Wanted Poster

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Vice Admiral
Vice Admiral

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PostPosted: Sat Aug 20, 2005 10:06 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Red text indicates CP expendature.
Name: Qassar Kimotot
Race: Tarro
Height: 2m
Weight: 120kg

Dexterity: 3D Blaster 4D Heavy Blaster Pistol 5D; Brawling Parry 3D; Dodge 4D; Melee 3D; Melee Dodge 3D

Strength: 4D Brawl 4D+2 Claws 5D; Lifting 4D+2; Stamina 4D

Knowledge: 2D Alien Species 2D; Bureaucracy 2D; Business 2D; Cultures 2D; Intimidation 2D+1; Law Enforcement 2D; Planetary Systems 2D; Streetwise 2D; Value 2D+2; Willpower 2D

Mechanical: 3D Astrogation 4D; Space Transport 5D+2 Ghotric Freighter 7D+1; Starship Gunnery 3D+1 Ion Cannon 4D; Starship Shields 3D; Communications 3D; Starship Sensors 3D

Technical: 2D Computer Programming/Repair 2D Space Transport computer 2D+1; Space Transport Repair 4D; Starship Weapons Repair 2D; First Aid 2D; Droid Repair/Programming 2D+1

Perception: 4D Con 4D; Bargain 4D; Persuasion 4D; Search 4D

Move: 9
Force Sensitive: Yes
Force Points: 2
Dark Side Points: 0
Character Points: 11

One of the last of a dieing race, Qassar wants to see it all before he goes. His family taught him about his race. He also learnt what he could about the other races and where they are from. When he thought he was old enough he jumped ship and wound up stranded on Tattooine. Whilst there, he did various jobs for the moisture farmers, until becoming a small time enforcer for Jabba. Qassar was regularly assigned to help a Duros smuggler, Du Cass. This seemed to be a rather mismatch pairing, Duros are rather talkative and Tarro are loners, but the pair got along. Qassar was happy to listen to Du Cass
"I take orders from just one person: Me!"

"You know, sometimes I amaze even myself."
Du Cass' Dream

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Gry Sarth

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PostPosted: Sun Aug 21, 2005 9:00 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Type: Gloomy Mechanic
Race: Utai Sex: Male
Age: 12 (adult) Height: 1,15m Weight: 30Kg
Physical Description: Short and stocky, Toba is always wearing some unattractive, stained coveralls with every pocket filled with tools. His bulbous eyes are covered by protective goggles anytime he goes outside, due to his light-sensitivity. His face seems to be set on a constantly annoyed frown.

Dexterity 3D
Blaster: blaster pistol 4D, dodge 4D+2, melee combat 3D+1, melee combat: repair tools 3D+2, pick pocket 3D+1
Knowledge 2D
Planetary systems 2D+1
Mechanical 3D+1
Sensors 3D+2, space transports 3D+2, starship gunnery 4D+1, starship shields 3D+2
Perception 3D+2
Hide 4D, sneak 5D, search 4D+2
Strength 2D
Climbing/jumping 2D+1
Technical 4D+2
Droid repair 5D, droid programming 5D, repulsorlift repair 5D, space transports repair 6D, space transports repair: Ghtroc 720 6D+2, starfighter repair 5D, starship weapons repair 5D+2

Special Abilities:
Darkvision: Utai can see in the dark up to 20 meters. Darkvision is black and white only but otherwise functions as normal light.
Low-Light Vision: Utai gain 1D in low-light conditions, and retain the ability to distinguish color and detail under these conditions.
Light Sensitivity: Abrupt exposure to bright light (such as direct sunlight) blinds the Utai for 1 round. In addition, they suffer a -1 penalty while operating in bright light without protective eyewear.

Move: 9
Force Sensitive: No
Force Points: 1
Dark Side Points: 0
Character Points: 3

Equipment: Light-protection goggles, starship repair tools, blaster pistol (4D), mechanic coveralls, comlink, datapad, 1,000 credits

Background: Toba Fen used to work as a starship mechanic in one of the sinkholes of Utapau, until the day that clone troopers came raining down from the sky, showering the city with blaster bolts. Toba lost most anything he had on the “liberation” of Utapau, and was further hindered by the new sanctions and regulations the new Galactic Empire inflicted upon the Utai. Things got so bad that he just didn’t care anymore, and found himself a job in the first freighter making its way out of the system.

Personality: Toba’s mood is as gloomy as the lighting he keeps on his workspace. He doesn’t see much reason in the galaxy to be happy about, and certainly won’t go out of his way to be pleasant to those around him. He has a general contempt for other aliens and their ways, to the point of being obnoxious sometimes. He’s very dedicated to his work, the only thing that brings him some satisfaction, and is more receptive to those that understand that.

Objectives: Toba is currently just going through the motions in his life, living out one dreary day after another. He would like to stick it to the Galactic Empire if he could, but doesn’t see much he could do about it.

A Quote: “I hate these new ionized power couplers, just hate them… Sure, I’ll get the main drive working, but don’t expect your ship to handle any better than a drunken one-winged dactillion."

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Rear Admiral
Rear Admiral

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PostPosted: Tue Jan 17, 2006 5:34 am    Post subject: Dev Llalik Reply with quote

Hi this your new medic
Changes in red
Name: Dev Llalik
Type: Doctor in training
Race: Human Sex: Male
Age: 21 Height: 181 centimeters Weight: 70 Kg
Physical Description: Thinly built, with brown hair to the half of the back, that is dyed black, and then usually put in a ponytail, a short beard also dyed black, brown eyes. He has a tattoo of a dragon on his neck and left arm.

Dexterity 2D+1
Dodge 4D Blaster 2D+2
Knowledge 4D Alien species 4D, Alien species:Biology 4D+1
Mechanical 2D+2
Sensors 3D
Perception 2D+1
Strength 2D+2
Technical 4D
First aid 5D+1, (A) Medicine 3D, Droid Prog/Rep 5D

Special Abilities:

Force Sensitive: No
Force Points: 1
Dark Side Points:
Character Points: 18

Equipment: comlink, a field med pack (three med pacs, and emergency materials like splints, bandages, high-potency pain killers and so forth), medical datapad, uniform, and a GHT Medevac Droid

GHT Medevac Droid

Type: TelBrinTel GHT Medevac Unit
Alien species: biology 4D
Search 4D, hide 3D
Lifting 4D
First aid 6D
Equipped With:
-Four wheels (retractable)
-Repulsorlift (capable of lifting the droid and one wounded individual of roughly human body type and weight, flight ceiling 0.5 meters)
-Two photoreceptors (human and macro range)
-Auditory receptors
-Two reinforced fine work manipulator arms
-Reinforced hull (+1D against physical and energy damage)
Move: 11 (repulsorlift), 6 (wheels)
Size: 1 meter long
Cost: 5,200 credits

Background: Dev was a bright child and was years ahead of his classmates, he went directly into the field of medicine just like his older sister Saren (See Crackens rebel operatives). He went to the University of Calamar on the core world of Esseles. But he was a little too outspoken about equal rights for humans and aliens right to receive medical care and joined in on anti imperial campus meetings. After a while, these meetings got imperial attention. The group got tipped about an imperial spy (by the university super computer; see Crackens rebel operatives), and where helped to escape off planet. To this day Dev doesn’t know who helped them but would like to know if only to say thanks. He and the others joined the the growing resistance where he continued his training as a medic. After a short stay on the medical cruiser, The Last Hope, he felt that he could do more and so requested a more operative role.

Personality: He is young and a bit over confident in his abilities but will make a good doctor someday. He also has a bad sense of humor and thends to make jokes whenever he tries to heal someone, or when he is nervous. If anyone should ask he will proably mumble about defensive mechanisms and psychology. Othervise he is correct and propper most of the time. He is also starting to louse some of his overconfidence, since he had several near deaths experiencers since joining the Dreamteam.

A Quote: “But I can help…”

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Jedi Skyler

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PostPosted: Fri Jan 20, 2006 11:38 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Adjusted stats are in red.

Cal Jeth: Jedi Padawan (Battle Master Type)
Human Male
Age: 15
Height: 6'2"
Weight: 210
Character Points: 6
Force Points: 2
This character is Force-sensitive

PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION: Cal is a broad-shouldered, muscular young man with shoulder-length light brown hair and deep blue eyes. He’s big for his age, an attribute that often makes others guess him to be much older than he really is. Cal almost always wears black. He usually has an intense look on his face, and most of the time is quite serious; those few who get to know him can occasionally get a glimpse of the good humor reminiscent of his life before going into exile.

Blaster 4D+2
Dodge 4D+1
Lightsaber 5D+1
Melee Combat
Melee Parry

Alien Species
Planetary Systems
Scholar: Jedi Lore
Beast Riding
Repulsorlift Operation
Space Transports
Starship Shields
Brawling (Martial Arts)
Stamina 4D
Blaster Repair
Computer Programming/Repair 6D+1
Droid Programming/Repair
Lightsaber Repair 4D+2
Security 6D
Starship Repair 4D

SPECIAL ABILITIES: Cal is ambidextrous, meaning he suffers no off-hand penalties.
*Can speak Wookiee, due to time spent with Kaashabraak, a Wookiee crewer who saved his life when he first went into exile.


CONTROL: Absorb/Dissipate Energy, Accelerate Healing, Concentration, Control Pain, Detoxify Poison, Enhance Attribute
SENSE: Combat Sense, Danger Sense, Life Detection, Life Sense, Magnify Senses, Receptive Telepathy
ALTER: Telekinesis
C&S: Lightsaber Combat
C&A: Affect Mind, Control Breathing, Place Another in Hibernation Trance

Cal is the descendant of a powerful Jedi Master who was also a superb swordsman. Cal is the first in many generations to actually be Force-sensitive, and as such has inherited a collection of knowledge gathered by his ancestor, Arca Jeth. Cal has also inherited Arca's natural ability with the lightsaber and has been fascinated by the stories passed down among his family about Arca's abilities to turn a desperate situation to victory through his skills.

Cal is living a double-life. Cal’s Force potential was originally discovered during the Clone Wars by a Jedi Master who was stationed on his homeworld in the Outer Rim Territories. Master Kinadra immediately took Cal as his Padawan, as he currently had none. There was no Clone Army presence there, and little chance for Cal to otherwise make the trip to Coruscant to begin training at the Jedi Temple, due to a volatile local political environment which Master Kinadra was on-station to help mediate. Cal’s family was originally thrilled at the prospect of having Cal trained as a Jedi AND kept close to home, and wasted no time in passing on Arca Jeth’s store of knowledge to the first family member in generations to have been blessed with Force potential.

That blessing seemed to be short-lived. After several years of training, Master Kinadra was faced with a tough decision; he received an urgent message from Coruscant ordering all Jedi back to the Temple immediately. Knowing he had to respond, but being in the middle of a delicate local situation, he did the only thing he could think of—he left Cal to keep the peace while he journeyed to Coruscant. He planned to update the Jedi Archives to show that Arca Jeth’s lineage had bred true, adding another name to the rolls of the Jedi Order.

Several days after Master Kinadra left, Cal began having nightmares involving his Master’s death. Without Kinadra to consult about this, he consulted the Jedi Holocron he’d inherited from his ancestor. He learned about Force visions, and received many warnings about them: that the future wasn’t certain, that sometimes the visions weren’t trustworthy, and that when you were at peace, you could sometimes cause yourself to see far-away friends. Taking these lessons to heart, Cal began his meditations to calm himself. As he reached that state of peace, he was suddenly assailed by a barrage of pain, grief, rage, and confusion. At once, he saw the ethereal form of Master Kinadra standing before him. The Master told him that great evil had befallen the galaxy; the clone army commissioned by Chancellor Palpatine had suddenly turned, cutting down any Jedi they encountered in a hailstorm of blaster fire. Kinadra had been attacked by a whole platoon of clones at the Jedi Temple- but not before he beheld the bodies of youngling Padawans strewn about the entire structure. He managed to hold off the troopers for a while, deflecting bolts and evading his attackers. In the end, however, sheer numbers had prevailed, and the Jedi Master was slain.

Now Cal had a new and final mandate from his fallen Master: “Survive. Blend in. Make yourself invisible, and do not draw attention to yourself. Study the materials left to you by your ancestor, and now by me as well, but guard well your secret. One day there may come a time when you can again openly wear the robes of the Jedi; until then, do not reveal your true self.”

Taking this to heart, Cal immediately gathered up his belongings, which now included training materials from Master Kinadra as well as his store inherited from Arca Jeth. Not knowing if his Master had added his name to the Jedi Archives, and too frightened to even warn his family of what had transpired, Cal gathered all the credits he could find and simply disappeared. He’s been on the run from the Empire ever since, learning skills by which he could earn his keep and practicing his Jedi skills only in secret.

GOALS: First and foremost, Cal wants to survive. He’s heard stories- especially from members of Garm Bel Iblis’ resistance group- about Jedi survivors of Order 66 who’d thought they were safe, only to be tracked down by Darth Vader and his Jedi Hunters. Cal’s second goal is to eradicate the Empire, completely and utterly. Anyone who could order (let alone carry out) the extermination of practically the entire Jedi Order needs to be taken out as soon as possible, and his hold over the galaxy broken. Lastly, Cal wants to keep building his skills- both Force-related and non-Force related- so he will one day be able to wear the Jedi robes freely.

A QUOTE: "A warrant for your arrest? We'll see about that..."

Black combat fatigues
Black pants, tunic, boots
Black hooded cloak
Utility belt w/ removable combat harness
Holsters for lightsabers
Lightsaber training remotes x 2
Medpac X 3
Spare blaster packs X 10
1000 Credits
Datapad with various slicing programs
Hydrospanner X 2
Holsters for hydrospanners
Jedi Training Holocron, datacards and holovids
Stormtrooper armor
bracer-mounted wrist computer

WEAPONS: 2 Lightsabers (adjustable blades) Damage 5D, Blaster Carbine- Damage 5D, Imperial issue E-11 blaster rifle

* Cal's lightsabers and hydrospanners have been machined to be identical, as are the holsters in which he carries them. Only when in use can a difference be seen between the tools and the weapons.

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PostPosted: Sun Jan 22, 2006 3:50 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Name: Bandon Terrick
Type: Padawan
Race: Besalisk Sex: Male
Age: 26 Height: 1.8 meters Weight: 120 Kg

Physical Description: A four armed male Besalisk. His arms are broadly set and trained to a thick build. His tight scaley skin accentuates his youth and strength. He holds his body loosely, ready for any encounter as a Jedi should. He walks with the careful grace achieved only by a few Jedi of his time.

Dexterity 3D
Lightsaber 5D, Dodge 4D, Pick Pocket, Melee Combat 3D+2, Melee Parry
Knowledge 2D
Intimidation 4D, Law Enforcement, Planetary Systems, Scholar: Jedi Lore 4D. Willpower 3D
Mechanical 2D
Starfighter Piloting 3D
Perception 3D
Persuasion 4D, Hide, Search, Sneak
Strength 3D
Climbing/Jumping 3D+2, Stamina 4D
Technical 2D
Lightsaber Repair 4D

Force Skills:
Control: 2D
Sense: 2D
Alter: 2D

Force Powers:
Control: Control Pain, Remain Conscious, Absorb/Dissipate Energy, Concentration, Enhance Attribute
Sense: Combat Sense, Danger Sense, Force Sense, Life Sense, Magnify Senses
Alter: Telekinesis
C&S: Disguise, Lightsaber Combat

Special Abilities:

Extra Limbs: Male Besalisks have 4 arms.
Good Swimmers: +2 bonus to swimming.

Move: 11
Force Sensitive: Yes
Force Points: 2
Dark Side Points: 0
Character Points: 7

Equipment: Lightsaber (5D), Lightsaber (4D), Dark Jedi's Cloak, traditional Jedi training garb (black), Jedi's equipment belt, 500 credits

Background: Raised in the Jedi Temple and trained under Jedi Master Akaron Kray. Upon completing his apprenticeship, he traveled with the crew of a ship known as the Sol under Captain Solomon Kast. Fought for some time in the Clone Wars under General Plo Koon. After Order 66 was commanded, he went into a hibernation as his near destroyed Jedi Starfighter drifted through space. His lost memories are finally beginning to subside as he serves aboard the Du Cass' Dream.

Personality: Spends much of his time meditating alone in his quarters. Most of the time he is forboding and quiet, seemingly in another place. In the heat of the moment, he is set on his objectives.

Objectives: To serve his captain and protect his new home and fight the tyranny of the Empire.

A Quote: “And what were the odds of me surviving Order 66?"
Rebel Uprisings

In Soviet Russia, RPG plays you!!

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PostPosted: Mon Aug 06, 2007 7:17 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Name: Zerran Aphi
Type: Modified Rim Securities K7 ‘Black Dagger’ Security Droid
Race: Human - Alderaanian Sex: M
Age: 130 Height: 1.7 meters Weight: Kg
Physical Description: Humanoid chassis, jet black. Walks with a smoothness unbecoming of his droid kin.

Dexterity 3D
Blaster: Blaster Rifle 5D
Dodge 4D
Lightsaber 5D

Perception 4D
Con: Droid Mannerisms 5D
Sneak: Urban 5D

Knowledge 4D
Scholar: Jedi Lore 6D

Strength 3D (5D for damage resistance)

Mechanical 2D

Technical 2D

Special Abilities:

Force Skills:
Control: 4D
Sense: 3D
Alter: 2D

Concentration C
Hybernation Trance C
Emptiness C
Enhance Attribute C
Short-Term Memory Enhancement C
Life Mask C/S/A
Life Detection S
Danger Sense S
Combat Sense S
Life Detection S
Sense Force S
Telekinesis A
Ligthsaber Combat C/S
Place Another in Hybernation Trance C/A
Projective Telepathy C/S

Move: 12
Force Sensitive:
Force Points: 2
Dark Side Points:
Character Points: 28

-Body armor(+2D to Strength to resist dmg)
-Two auto-balance legs
-Two arms
-Internal blaster rifle (5D, 5-30/100/200) (retractable)
Ligthsaber (5D)

Background: Zerran was a knight of the old republic. He was known for his passion for knowledge. He loved learning about Jedi lore and he thanks the force that he has a good memory as all the knowledge of the Jedi was lost or destroyed. He survived Order 66 by a stroke of luck, or by the will of the force.

Before the order was given he was sent on assignment in a robot factory on Courscant investigating a lead on the location of general Grievous. He had been there for a month and became good friends with one of the workers at the plant during his investigation. There was a malfunction in one of the conveyer belts and a large piece of machinery was falling towards his friend, Saneol. It would have crushed him, but Zerran managed to dive in and push him out of the way in time. Unfortunately, he did not get himself out of the way in time and most of his body was crushed; even bacta would not be able to save him.

Thinking quickly, Saneol got Zerran’s remains into stasis and decided to try to save his friend through cybernetics. He wanted to repay this Jedi knight whom he had befriended and who had saved his life. Saneol had already started the process with a volunteer’s brain which he pushed back for a later project and set about his work on the droid chassis that would carry his friend’s remains. After about a month Saneol had completed the chassis and was ready to give it a try. He got his partner in this endeavor to help him out. They removed Zerran’s brain, and placed it in a container, which was then installed into the droids head. Shortly after, Order 66 was issued and the troopers came looking for him. They found the accident report of Zerran’s death logged into the factory records by another worker and were shown the remnants of his tattered body. They put him down as deceased and moved on; yet another stroke of the Force’s will.

After several weeks of recuperation, Zerran awoke and was told about his accident. He was deeply saddened to learn of the fall of the republic. He thanked his friend for saving his life and said he would have to leave Courscant to avoid detection by the Emperor. He spent the next few months conserving power, and meditating on the meaning of what had just happened. He must be the first Jedi to be removed from his body.

He managed to find peace with his current position, and decided to find a way to hide himself from the force. He had to learn how to behave like a droid in order to survive. He found a way to hide his presence from the force completely; he was unable to even sense himself through the force. After a few more years of training his new technique, decided it was time to go out into the galaxy and find a way to contribute to the fall of the new empire. He thought it would be up to him to restore the Jedi order, but perhaps a master survived the destruction of the Jedi…

Personality: Very warm and friendly, always looking for the best in people.
Objectives: To find the right moment to help restore the Jedi Order.
A Quote: Patience, we must gather more knowledge before heading in
The Vong have Arrived

PM me if you want user created content uploaded to my site:

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PostPosted: Thu Aug 09, 2007 4:57 am    Post subject: The Kid Reply with quote

Name: Kid
Type: Kid
Species: Gen Dai Sex: M
Age: 10 Height: 1.3 meters Weight: 35 Kg
Physical Description:

Dexterity 4D
Dodge 5D
Pick Pockets 5D
Thrown Weapons 5D

Perception 3D+2
Hide 5D
Search 4D
Sneak 5D

Knowledge 2D+1
Streetwise 3D

Strength 4D+2
Climb / Jump 5D

Mechanical 1D+2

Technical 1D+2

Special Abilities:
Amazing Physiology: The Gen’Dai has an amazing physiology that allows them to withstand massive amounts of damage; double every number on the damage chart. By example: stunned is 0-6, wounded 7-16, etc.

Healing Hibernation: They also have the ability to undergo a healing hibernation in which they recover one injury level every 1D rounds and fight disease. A Gen’Dai can reattach a severed limb in 4D rounds. The severed limb must be within 2 meters of the Gen’Dai. If the original limb is destroyed, it can be regenerated in 4D days.

Move: 12
Force Sensitive: Yes
Force Points: 2
Dark Side Points:
Character Points: 5

25 credits
Two bottles of fizzyglug,
Packet of candy
Several small stones
Couple of lengths of string
Pet Rat
Several insects in various containers
Sack to carry it all in
A smile that people can't refuse

Background: "Kid" has no recollection of where he comes from, not even what species he is. All he can remember is growing up alone. He has managed to survive by latching on to people who have compassion. He wears old clothes, gloves, boots and a hooded cloak as he has long since realized most species tend to react a bit funny when they see his body.

Despite (or maybe perhaps of it) having lived a hard beggars life from a young age "Kid" is in no way bitter, he has no anger or animosity towards anyone and gets along with all species. He especially likes Insectoid races and rat like races as his favorite pet is a rat and he has a large collection of "bugs".

As an orphan he has had to learn to be sneaky and dodge things people throw at him when they are angry because he took something.

"Kid" has decided he wants to be a Hero and has latched onto a group of people he has recently seen walking around. He has managed to sneak aboard their space ship and he is stowing away till they are far enough away so they will not easily take him back. "Back to what he wonders?" He has packed all his valuable items in his bag and has made him self comfortable.

Personality: The Kid is extremely inquisitive and tends to leap before he looks. (His Gen Dai heritage has allowed him to survive many injuries that would have killed a human kid.) The Kid is constantly cheerful, always siding with the underdog.

Objectives: To find cool things to do and to stop the Empire ... and whatever else crosses your mind as fun, interesting and more than a little likely to get you into trouble

A Quote: "Everyone just calls me 'kid'."
"What does this button do?"
"Can I keep it?"
***witty remark under construction - coming soon to a board near you***

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PostPosted: Fri Aug 10, 2007 7:51 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Character Name: Corric Tunlan
Type: Ordnance Procurer
Gender/Species: Male/Human
Age: 26 Height: 1.79m Weight: 70kg
Physical Description: Corric is fairly slim and about the height of the average stormtrooper or clone trooper, a physical feature he's tested at least a couple of times in his escapades as an ordnance procurement specialist for the burgeoning resistance. His dark brown hair is fairly short, but is just long enough to not be misconstrued as an enlisted man's military cut. Beneath the brim of a pulseball player's cap (worn in part to aid in preventing identification via overhead security cameras), Corric's hazel-green eyes are ever-attentive. His physical appearance usually depends on whether or not he's on a mission; if not active in the field, Corric usually sports a stubbled jawline and unkempt hair underneath his cap. When he's out "requisitioning" supplies for the resistance, however, he is typically clean-shaven and well-groomed.

Dexterity 2D
Blaster: Heavy blaster pistol 3D
Dodge 3D

Knowledge 2D+2
Streetwise: Black market contraband 3D+2
Value: Military materiel 3D+2

Mechanical 3D

Perception 4D
Bargain 5D
Con 5D
Sneak 5D

Strength 2D+1

Technical 4D
Blaster repair 5D
Computer programming/repair 5D

Move: 10
Force Sensitive? No
Force Points: 1
Dark Side Points: 0
Character Points: 5

Equipment: Four sets of clothing (street clothes, a mechanic's coverall with innumerable pockets, an Imperial technician's uniform, and an Imperial officer's uniform with the rank insignia of Lt. Commander), Blastech DL-6H heavy blaster pistol (Ammo: 15/25, 5D damage, 3-10/30/120; Gundark's p. 27-28), medpac, comlink, vibroblade (STR+2D), electronics diagnostic kit, micro-tool pack, 631 credits

Stolen Equipment not yet allocated: 4 Imperial DH-17 blaster pistols (4D), 1 DT-12 heavy blaster pistol (5D), Imperial ceremonial dagger (STR+2)

Background: Born on Corulag on 956:02:06 according to the Galactic Standard Calendar (approximately 44 BBY), Corric was practically raised by his parent's nanny droid, as his mother and father were all too often embroiled in personal or local politics. He could count the nights they weren't at dinner parties in a month on one hand, most times. Soured on the notion of politics of any sort, he quickly fell into what his parents referred to as a "phase". While his friends and (seemingly) everyone else became increasingly enthralled in the political pastimes of his homeworld and more notably the rise of the senator from Naboo, Corric became more and more apathetic. He distrusted politicians as a rule, and politics themselves were a source of great disinterest in their own right. Instead, Corric chose to do what most teenagers do; he rebelled, committing petty crimes and causing general trouble wherever he felt he could get away with it. At one point the personal entertainment provided by his antagonistic behavior wore thin, and he began to mature as a young adult. However, he found that despite leaving his teenage rebelliousness behind, he still had an affinity for theft. After striking out on his own at the age of 18 and leaving his politically-obsessed parents to their own devices, Corric set out to make his way in the galaxy. Lacking any other personal ambitions, he gradually began to make a career of appropriating the property of others and "redistributing" it to those who would pay. Despite being a thief by trade, Corric never learned sleight of hand or how to pick someone's pocket. He didn't see the logic in it, really. Why pilfer a man's wallet when you could make off with his speeder? He bounced from city to city, then country to country, and finally from starport to starport (a direct result of his stealing his first starship at the age of 21). Over time he came to live a life of relative comfort, albeit one of definite unsurety. Then came the "Emperor" and his Empire. Even for an individual like Corric, who lived very much in the "gray" of the galaxy's moral color palette, it was clear that the former senator and his new regime were bad news in the extreme. Less than a year after Palpatine rose to power, Corric was in the process of committing grand theft starship when he ran into a resistance cell on the run from the Imperials. Turns out they had been hiding onboard the personal star yacht he'd just stolen in an attempt to sneak themselves past the Imperial search teams that were looking for them. They offered him a job and a chance to cause some serious mischief to those who deserved it most. More importantly, they offered him something that would give his life direction and purpose. It really didn't take much persuasion on their part to get him to join the cause against Palpatine; he never had liked politicians.

Personality: While he may come off as a bit cocky every now and then, he's actually pretty grounded when it comes to his job. He may risk his life to get his compatriots the supplies they need, but that doesn't mean that he'll do a suicide run just for a few blasters. He cares about the cause, but he also cares about getting a fair share for himself and those he works with. Corric is usually a nice enough guy, but don't start talking political intrigue around him---he's apt to yawn and exit the room without so much as a second glance at the speaker. While his participation in the resistance may at first seem paradoxical when one considers his feelings toward politics, Corric will be the first to tell you that he makes a marked distinction between political intrigue and combating corrupt dictatorial regimes.

Objectives: To further the cause of the resistance by stealing anything he can, and possibly making a bit on the side for himself. If he can't steal it for the resistance, he will at least try to deny it to the Imps.

A Quote: "Ok, what do we have here...obviously the shuttle, a hold full of blasters, power packs, some medpa---" *In the distance, a booming explosion lights up the distant horizon* "...well, I couldn't steal all the shuttles, could I?"

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Name: Cyn Neofelis
Race: Farghul
Sex: Male Age: 22 Height: 1.9m Weight: 95Kg
Template: Saber Rake
Physical Description: Cyn is a Farghul of average height. His yellow orange fur accents his finely chiseled features. He dresses in very nice clothing normally of the latest fashions normally in shades of blue or dark red or crimsons. He carries himself with confidence and is quick witted.

Dexterity 3D+1
Acrobatics 5D+1 (racial feature), Blaster 4D+1, Blaster: Blaster Rifle 6D, Brawling Parry, Dodge 4D, Melee Combat 4D+1, Melee Combat: Vibro Rapier 5D+2, Melee Parry
Knowledge 2D
Alien Species, Intimidation, Languages, Planetary Systems, Streetwise 2D+1, Value 2D+1
Mechanical 3D
Astrogation 4D+1, Repulsorlift Operations, Space Transport Piloting 4D+1 , Starship Gunnery 4D
Perception 3D+1
Bargain, Command, Con 5D+1 (racial feature), Gambling, Search, Sneak 4D+1
Strength 3D+1
Brawling 4D+1, Brawling: Martial Arts 5D+1, Climbing, Jumping, Lifting
Technical 3D
Computer Programming & Repair 4D+1, First Aid, Security 4D+1, Space Transport Repair 3D+1

Move: 10
Force Sensitive: Yes
Force Points: 2
Dark Side Points: 0
Character Points: 6/65
Equipment: Fine Clothes & Cloak, Lightfoil (3D), Military Comlink, Datapad, Blastech E 11 Blaster Rifle (5D) {set on stun}, Vibro Rapier (STR+3D max. 7D), Action Jumpsuit (+1D physical/+2 energy), Koromondian Protective Vest (+1D+2 physical, +2 energy), DC 15 blaster pistol (3D), 2 Medpacks, 1795 credits
Martial Arts Maneuvers:elbow smash (4D+1) very easy,spinning kick (5D+1) moderate

Background: Once a Saber Rake for House Melantha in the Tapani Sector. Cyn quickly felt the change in the galaxy when the Empire took over. House Melantha, in an effort to gain additional power in the Tapani Sector, invited the Empire in right away. Fearing this change in politics in his Noble house, Cyn decided leaving was the best thing he can do for himself. Being a Saber Rake for the Noble House, he would not be allowed to leave. He made arrangements with a Rodian Bacta Pilot named Tau Min to be smuggled away from the Sector, but this plan meant he had to sneak out of the House. During his attempted escape Cyn was discovered by a house guard named Brax. Cyn had to put down his friend in order for him to escape. The rumors were everywhere of how the Empire treated those other than human or near human and Cyn new he had to devote his life to making the galaxy a better place for all beings human & non human. After departing the Tapani Sector, he headed to the Corporate Sector where he met and joined up with a Svivreni shipjacker named Meegresh. After a year in the Corporate Sector Cyn decided to move on and bartered services in exchange for transport. He ended up on the Planet Genesia and while there worked with a Togruta mechanic named Shay. While at Genesia he made some contacts with some beings that had similar goals to his own about the Empire.

Personality: Cunning, quick witted and sharp tongued. He is also as fast on the reflexes as he is with his mind. Cyn has a bad habit of talking down to beings he sees as not being his equal, but has been attempting to change that aspect of himself over the years since he has left House Melantha. He also has little patience for those who try to insult him and has been known to lash out and attack those that do. But for all his faults once you are a friend to him he will risk everything to help out a friend.

Objectives: To remain free and to some day help remove the Empire from power and restore equality amongst all species in the galaxy.

A Quote: "Corellian whiskey, HA! That is for backwater trash, I have a very refined palette, I drink Chandrilian Chianti"

Spent 3 cp's on Space Transport Repair & Starship Gunnery to raise them to 3D+1 & 4D respectively. Spent 4 cp's on Astrogation & Space Transport Piloting to increase to 4D+1 each. Total expenditure of 14 cp's and banked 1 to increase my pool to 6 cp's.
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Character Name: Christopher Browndwarf
Character Type: Quixotic Jedi
Species: Human
Height: 1.8 m Weight: 62 Kg Sex: Male Age: 33
Physical Description: Long, dark, untamed hair from years of living in isolation that has recent years has begun to rapidly thin in the front while growing longer in the back. His weary gray eyes have portray a certain madness. He wears a suit of armor made out of the parts of his "evil-vanquished foes" held together by leather straps(often belts) and not much else. While insecure his right eye develops a subconscious tick.

Dexterity 3D
Blaster 4D
Melee Combat 4D

Knowledge 3D
Survival 4D+2

Mechanical 2D

Perception 2D+2

Strength 3D
Lifting 3D+2

Armor Repair 5D
First Aid 4D+1

Force Senstive: Yes

Sense 1D

Move: 10
Character Points: 5
Force Points: 2
Dark Side Points:

Equipment: Old Dueling Sword (STR+ 1D+1), Make-Shift Armor (+1 Phsyical), Ion Pistol (4D), Survival Knife (STR+1D), medpac, rags, ancient texts, bits of string.

Background: All his life, Chirstopher Browndwarf always felt it was his destiny to become a Jedi Master. Although he was never made aware of the fact by his parents, the Jedi Order had passed him up as a child due to his age decades ago. His parrent's where hoping that it was a phase he'd eventually grow out of, but no matter how long he waited, he always believed it was his destiny.

Over the years he spent growing up on Corellia, the main outlet for his passion where holodramas, and other works of fiction which lead to Christopher having a highly romanticized notion of what a Jedi really was. His obsession became so strong that a lot of his grades suffered during school and he fell behind. He spent most of his time during those years trying valiantly right the perceived injustices he saw in the world around him, regardless of their scale or his success.

Almost immediately after completing his former education he joined a freighter crew as a loader. It wasn't glamorous by any means, but it did mean he could finally travel the galaxy and spread Jedi way across the Galaxy by fixing things one problem at a time all in the name of the Jedi Order and good will.

He held that job for the greater part of a decade. Until one day, during the clone wars, the ship he'd been working on crashed on an uncharted world. Christopher was the only survivor.

The Planet itself was quite harsh, almost completely devoid of all life in fact. But to say that he was the only one around would not at all be accurate for the planet seemed to be heavily populated with droids! So many droids in fact that Christopher believes the planet he'd discovered is in fact a secret Separatist base. Sure these droids look different Confederate Droid Army, but who else has the resources build this many droids?

Even in this bleakest of circumstances he never once stopped believing that he would eventually become a Jedi.

Eventually, he was fortunate enough to find a bunker to hold up in. The Bunker had lot of things he would need to survive. There was enough food to sustain him for years, he could secure himself from the "Separatist" droids, and most importantly it had a large supply of texts. Many where in a language that Christopher did not know. Some of them, however, where in a very old dialect of Basic. Once he'd read enough of those text to understand their content he knew exactly why he'd survived the crash. They contained ancient secrets about the Jedi and the force! And so, at the age of 27, Christopher Browndwarf finally began his study of the force.

His journey was a hard one, he had no one to teach him, and only text in basic so old that they seemed almost like another language to go on. Years passed with no success at all. Eventually though, he hit a break through. He eventually learned how to see into the past by touching objects. It was highly unreliable, he couldn't see very far back with it, and when he could see back the things he'd experience was always inconsistent, but it worked, and he knew that it worked. Of course most of the text are still fairly obscure, such a few passages he was sure was about giving in to your emotions so that your power in the force will grow stronger. If it works for Jedi, why not him!

Over the years of training he began to feel more and more like he was a member of the Jedi Order. It didn't matter if it wasn't official or not, all that mattered was that he was doing the same kind training they where. He was more willing to call himself a Jedi now than he ever was at any point in his life before. And since the Republic and the Jedi hadn't came to this rock to take out the Separatist army here yet it obviously meant that the Clone Wars where still going strong. So he occasionally, he would try to "do his part" for the cause.

He'd long ago scavenged an Ion Blaster Pistol form the freighter wreck. As paranoid as Christopher was, his captain was certain that remnants of droid army would start roaming space as a band of blood thirsty droid pirates and had already armed his whole crew them to deal with such a threat if it ever happened. He also found an old Dueling sword in the bunker, which he could only assume was used by ancient Jedi sometime in the distant past. Using these weapons he would occasionally take down a droid or two and eventually began to use parts salvaged from the droids to construct a suit of armor for himself.

His biggest concern that he isn't sure how long he'll have until the food finally runs out, or what he'll do after it does run out. But he is pretty sure that he'll find a way to survive. He's been through an a lot to not fulfill his destiny because he ran out of food.

Personality: Delusional, Cheerful, and Boastful. Often overdose things.

A Quote: "Who am I? I'm only the most bad @$$ freaking Jedi on this planet!"

List of known force powers:
Postcognition (s)
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Name: Shtxxz
Race: Shard
Gender: N/A (although usually referred to as male)
Age: 85
Height: 28cms
Weight: 0.5kgs
Template: Shard Librarian
Move: 0
Force sensitive: Yes
Force Points: 2
Character Points: 29

Dex 0D

Knowledges 5D
Planetary systems 6D
(s)Jedi caches 8D
Scholar: Jedi/Sith lore 6D

Perception 3D

Mechanical 4D
Astrogation 5D
Sensors 4D+1
Starship gunnery 4D+1
Sheilds 4D+1
Repulsorlifts 4D+1
Communications 4D+1

Technical 6D
Droid repair/programming 7D
Computer repair/programming 7D
Space transports repair 7D
Capital ship repair 6D+1
Security 6D+1

Special Abilities

Telecommunication: Shards can emit and receive electromagnetic transmissions as a means of communication. This allows them to detect any operating technological device or droid within a 100 meters with an Easy Perception roll. Their signals can reach out to about one kilometer individually, but are enough to reach anywhere on their homeworld when the Shard is part of the group-mind. Shard transmissions can be picked up on standard comlinks and other devices turned to detect them. Shards can also affect droids equipped with restraining bolts as if they had a control wand by making a moderate Technical or droid programming roll.

Computer Mind: Shards have an instinctive understanding of computers and droid brains and gain +1D with the computer programming/repair and droid programming skills as well as any other skill that involves computer programming or operation such as astrogationor security (versus computerized locks and devices). Shards can interact directly with comlink-equipped computers using their telecommunication ability.

Fragile: Shards have no Strength attribute dice and gain only 1D to resist damage in their natural state. A damage result that kills a Shard shatters its body into fragments. Normal medical treatment is ineffective on Shards, they must heal naturally unless they can be returned to Orax to receive treatment in the mineral hot-springs on the planet.

Force abilities such as accelerate healing and transfer Force do affect Shards, as they are still living creatures.

Sessile:Shards are incapable of movements on their own. They have no natural Dexterity or Strength dice. They can learn Dexterity or Strength based skills and use them in conjuncture with a droid body, if the body is capable of performing that skill. They can only move inside a droid "vehicle" or by being carried by a droid or another creature.

In their natural state, Shards also have no senses apart from their electromagnetic sense.


Shtxxz was one of the first shards to volunteer to be removed from the colonies and report back information about the galaxy. Within a few months of exploration (which was done largely via the holonet) Shtxxz's expertise with information systems was noticed by the Jedi counsel, as some shards were signed up as what would later become the Iron Knights Shtxxz was introduced to the Jedi archives with the idea that he would assist in the cataloging and maintenece of the Jedi records. A task he was deeply honored to undertake.

After increasing the efficiency and security of the Jedi archives it was determined that Shtxxz's talents would be of much use in the field. He was introduced to Shandreen, a Jedi archivist who was involved with researching possible Sith activity and expanding the breadth of the Jedi archives. It order to facilitate communication Shtxxz was built into one the most powerful computer at the Jedi counsel's disposal. This was not particularly portable so it was integrated with a repuslorlift sled to enable to be moved by the archivist or move himself around once he became comfortable with the idea.

After several years of outstanding but fairly dull fieldwork Shtxxz and Shandreen were assigned to a small research team to investigate enduring reports/rumors/visions of lightsabers being created from unwilling, force sensitive shards that were stolen by the sith.

By linking his mind with other shards Shtxxz and his Jedi companion were able to reach out an touch the minds of the stolen shards. The resulting torrent of pain and horror almost overwhelmed them. The shards that were taken needed to be alchemically reshaped to fit inside a lightsaber. The process was agonizing but the worst was yet to come. In brief moments of lucidity the altered shards described a terrifying machine that the sith were building. In the same way diamonds can be compressed into an even harder substance the sith were using the new crystals to create a device that could compress a number of crystals into one perfect crystal. The device was dubbed the soul forge . Though only theoretical in nature the resulting crystals would still be alive and the personalities of all the shards would be fused into a nightmarish composite personality knowing only hate rage and pain.

The soul forge was never located (it was suspected that it was built on a ship rather than a planet) however the archivist did track down a flawed lightsaber crystal made from an alchemically altered shard. Even though it was flawed and deeply mired in the dark side the crystal produced the most perfect blade any of the Jedi had ever seen. This crystal was to be the archivist's undoing as other members of the team wanted to use the crystal against the sith (turning their power against them) rather than destroying it to finally give the shard a measure of peace. Several attempts were made to destroy the crystal before it was hypothesized that it could only be destroyed by the soul forge itself. It took less than a week before the archivist was slain by a fellow Jedi and the crystal was stolen. Further investigations were put on hold due to the Jedi purge.

The padiwan who slew Shandreen was captured by the Imperials during the Jedi purge and barganed for his life using Shandreen's computer (containing Shtxxz). He kept the flawed crystal for himself. Shxxz has no further knowledge on the padiwan's fate or the stolen crystal. Shtxxz was passed directly to the Emperor's personal research team, his computer contained valuable Jedi information and could be used to further the Jedi purge.

The Empire's techs had no knowledge of Shtxxz and were unable to extract any useful information due to the impossibly large number of system glitches that the computer kept having. The computer was erased (although Shtxxz’s memory could not be erased) and (as it was a powerful computer) it was reassigned and installed in the command console of a newly created Star Destroyer.

The Star Destroyer continually had problems, nothing ever seemed to work correctly except when systems were inspected. Then everything was working at 150% efficiency. A number of Imperial careers were destroyed due to suspected sabotage or incompetence, after months of extensive testing the problems were finally traced to the command console which was tested and retested but no faults could ever be found (and Shtxxz remained hidden deep in the heart of the computer, somewhat disguised as an elaborate timekeeping device (in the same what the quartz crystals are used to keep time in watches) that also served to modulate the electrical signals and prevent damaging power surges. The command console which was removed, the memory wiped (although again Shtxxz's memory remained intact) and sold.

Rebels intercepted the console along with numerous other good in an Imperial raid. The command console was installed in a freighter. Due to the superior proccessing power it was linked into consoles all through the ship and cameras were installed so the captain could (if need be) control the ship through just the command console.

The freighter performed exceptionally well, far in excess of expectations. All faults were minor even if maintenance was well overdue. The crew often swore that the ship would do things of it's own accord, even to the point where sometimes the ships guns would automatically target enemy vessels and the scanners would home in on weak points in enemy shields without the crew at the appropriate controls.

In a recent hit and run raid the freighter was caught in an Interdictors gravity wake and boarded. Though the crew were outnumbered 4 to 1 by the boarding party they prevailed. The ship's airlocks inexplicably failed at just the right time sucking members of the boarding party out into space, light systems would overload blinding members of the boarding party just before the crew arrived and were able to finish them off, doors would lock shut for no reason just as life support failed and rooms filled with carbon monoxide, conduits would overload electrifying anyone nearby. None of these mishaps ever affected a member of the ships crew and the boarding party was force to fall back. Before they could regroup another rebel ship dropped out of hyperspace and began to engage the Interdictor. With the boarding team all but destroyed and possible rebel support arriving soon the Interdictor escaped to hyperspace.

The freighter was taken back to the nearest rebel base and although all the crew had survived the ship had torn itself apart saving them and needed to be decommissioned. The crew insisted all viable parts were reused as the ship must be blessed or something...


Like all shards who have ventured off world Shtxxz has insatiable curiosity. Due to his experiences with the shorter lived beings Shtxxz has learned to think in a less geological timeframe. Shtxxz is industrious and slow to trust new people.


A clear, irregular octagon shard of crystal with a dull point at one end. Translucent amethyst veins that constantly pulse with motes of light can be seen through the crystals surface. Like all charged things Shtxxz is coated in dust. The dust is gradually absorbed into the crystal as it leeches the required minerals from the dust coating it.
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