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The Cantina
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PostPosted: Thu Feb 02, 2012 2:09 pm    Post subject: The Cantina Reply with quote

This is where everyone can play their characters before the game gets started. Spend some time interacting, get a feel for your character and the rest of the group. Have fun!

The cantina is a poorly lit, smoke filled establishment that reeks of cheap alcohol and the sweat of a thousand different species. Near the doors to the fresher, a light flickers weakly. The shady individuals scattered around the establishment speak of frequent fights and back room deals.

Behind the bar stands the imposing form of a Wookiee, his dark fur streaked with gray. Clearlly visible at his belt is a battered old translating computer.

Towards the back of the establishment is what might have once been a T3 droid, the little droid has been hardwired into an old sabbac table. A small grasping arm is dealing cards to a human across from it. The human is wearing black pants with a red stripe down the side with a thick fur vest. As you enter, he turns slightly in his seat, giving the character a slight nod before returning to his game.

A stocky Twi'lek woman makes her way around the establishment with surprising grace. Her tight red jumpsuit contrasts sharply with her olive green skin. Multiple scars are clearly visible wherever her skin is visible.

Across the bar from the Twi'lek woman, an awkward human girl waits tables with far less grace. Her dark features are pinched with uncertanty. As you enter, she flashes the character a warm smile before darting towards another table to deliver another drink. Somehow, she manages to NOT spill as the glass clatters onto the tabletop.

Near the door stands two battle scarred Gamorreans. They size you up breifly as you enter, but quickly turn their attention back towards the depths of the bar. You arent sure if they are bouncers or not, but its obvious that they are watching for a fight.

In one dark corner of the cantina, a group of about a dozen individuals are gathered around a pair of tables talking loudly. Most of the group is human, but several aliens are mixed in the group as well. All are dressed in similar leather clothing and tattoos are visible on nearly everyone in the group. The death sticks many of them are smoking seem to be the source of much of the smoke in the cantina.

Scattered throughout the room, setting 1 or 2 to a table, are several other patrons of verious races. All seem to be fully engaged in either their bottles or conversation.

(Once you've finished your characters, feel free to post here. Have some fun, interact with each other or the people in the cantina. This will give all of you, . . . and myself, to get a feel for everyone's characters as we near the start of our story!)
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